HOW BRANDLIVE WORKS? streams five days a week, from 09h30 till 17h00, broadcast live from the BrandLive Studio situated at  27 Boxes in Melville. has 30 minute time slot allocations per client but can also accommodate an hour if requested. Four minutes per 30 minutes is allocated to adverts or pre-recorded live-reads. Studio Setup

Modern day radio is all about authenticity, so who better to talk about your brand than you and your employees? Don’t worry, engineers will be in studio with you every step of the way, and with Brandlive’s online radio school and top tips, you’ll find it easy as 123..

The relationship between your company and consumers becomes more interactive and intimate with corporate branded online radio broadcasts. For example you could conduct training, education on new product usage or quality assurances and provide links to documentation and payment options.

The concept around corporate branded online radio is to add value to your business with an element of instant interactivity since customers enjoy constant engagement.

Behind the scenes, employees handle everything from Radio Stings to adverts, including administration, screening commercials to ensure only non competitive brands advertise on your time slot, production and voice over recordings specific for your show, podcast channel registration with Youtube.

The power of talk radio is in your hands at an affordable price, all that’s left for you to do now is harness it.


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