South Africa has a massive annual internet user growth rate of 44%, making the online space a highly effective marketing and communication front. Online platforms like Cliff central, 2 ocean vibe radio, the streaming services and podcasts of 702 and power FM have shown how successful online has become. Essentially will strengthen your communication platform with your existing client or custumer based.

Newsletters in today’s time-driven, pressurised environments need you to stop what you are doing and find time to consume and understand the content. harnesses the power of talk radio. Customers/clients and personnel can tune into a live broadcast without having to stop what they are doing. The presenter or brand representative will be in a better position to sell or educate/inform current clients and prospective ones. helps your business differentiate itself from the competition with a brand strong audio solution, targeting both your existing customer base as well as an ever expanding potential audience.

Increased engagement – since many internet radio listeners use computers, tablets and smartphones, they are more likely to visit a website page while streaming live.


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