The Dramatic Talk

With Bongani_Drama

Hosted by Bongani Drama & Rose Rathaga, the Dramatic talk is an innovative talk show that looks at real life conversations, celebrity gossip, the latest in the fashion industry and giving you the latest current
affairs and sports news. Airing every Wednesdays from 2-3pm.

News and Sports Bulletin
The show gives you the latest breaking current affairs and sports news.

Convo Corner
This segment focuses on day-to-day conversation the listener has with themselves. Conversations about their personal lives, about current issues in the world to conversations they would rather not talk about.

Dramatainment looks into the lives of celebrities, what they are currently up to and which celebrity is trending at the moment, giving the listener an insight about their favourite starlet.

Fashion Fed
Fashion is forever being changed or enhanced and that is why ‘The Dramatic Talk’ thinks it is important to talk fashion. The latest fashion news, shows, events and designers will be covered in this segment.