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CEO of  The Association of Construction Project Managers.

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Founder of BuleConnect & host of the Entrepreneur's Pitstop Daughter of Africa.

    What is your brand? Kreatif Fine Art is an art consultancy which was established as an alternative platform, where new and existing clients can engage with and explore carefully curated artworks and the artists. Our aim is to offer our clients insight into the artist, their work and their creative process to further enhance the process of acquiring new artworks as well as managing their art collections with a full scope of services whether private or corporate collections. Kreatif Fine Art has at its core, Stephan Erasmus a, who has built up more than 20 years of experience as a curator at a variety of galleries which includes commercial and corporate galleries, as an educator in various institutions within South Africa and as an art dealer to corporate institutions, museums, established private collections and help develop new collectors. In relation to what you do, what advise can you give anyone?  Having spent two decades in the art industry as an artist, curator, educator, dealer and art collector, I have a wide scope of knowledge that I can draw on to help artists build their careers and collectors (new and already collecting) to help them build and maintain their collections. What do you get up to when you are not working?  Binge watching a series, Youtubing and spending time with my son.  If you were given 5 million rands to build a museum, what kind of museum will it be?  Firstly the money would be invested to ensure that the museum will not run out of money and then I would start building an Artist Book Museum.


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