For year’s organisations, businesses and brands have made engagements using newsletters with very little results. Newsletters have become challenge for communication departments not only from a time perspective but financially as well. The Brandlive.co.za solution can either replace the current newsletter or add additional value by allowing the content to have a voice. Run by radio experts, Brandlive.co.za is a solution that prides itself on high quality, crystal clear audio all the time. No static, no fade, no annoying jumps in audio level and as an online radio solution it is accessible literally from anywhere therefore defying provincial and even national boundaries.

  • Ready-to-go broadcast platform
  • Exclusive customised and curated channels
  • Channels which you can help to build your brand and customer loyalty
  • Add value to your business at an affordable price
  • Narrowing the communication gag

With over 30million listeners tuning in to a variety of radio programming across South Africa, the popularity of the format is undeniable and with Brandlive’s powerful and affordable internet platform, radio is now giving your brand a voice.

Why limit your business to your local area when you can have the world with all it’s choices.


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