Electrical back solutions for businesses

The inconvenience of power outages in South Africa has been a threat to business operations for years now. Most businesses depend on electricity to function, having more frequent blackouts interferes with productivity and it becomes a loss for most businesses. Load shedding results in loss of business products, appliances loss, traffic congestion, and it takes long hours for the matter to be fixed before getting the lights back on.

Load shedding does not only affect businesses, it affects households, schools, and health facilities. A power outage is an unplanned emergency that affects most businesses which require business owners to provide an electrical power backup solution when they experience power cuts.

There are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that businesses can utilize to keep their businesses operating during load shedding, some are inexpensive and they can maintain power for just a few minutes. Nash Dennis it’s Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at TNJ Projects Solutions  says, ‘’it is very important for a business to plan ahead and provide power backup solutions such as generators and battery backup systems to protect them from unexpected power outages’’.

Before selecting a generator for your business, you should be well informed about your power priorities, for instance how much power do you need for your business to function to its full capacity as some generators provide less power and require gas and fuel to function.

There are portable generators which are a cost-effective method to providing power for short periods where they can be safely placed outside in a well-protected area. All electrical devices can be plugged directly into the generator and it functions as your existing electrical system using gas or fuel.

A battery backup solution has been known as a traditional type of backup power that has been used by many businesses and households. The battery system works well for power outages as they can last for a few hours and they require an inverter or a charger and others have larger battery bank systems that can provide steady power for up to two days.

It is always a wise move for a business to have a standby generator, that automatically keeps you connected when a power outage occurs, it is an effective permanent system that saves the business from losing products and keeps operations running smoothly. Permanent generators are suitable for larger business establishment because they are costly, requires a permit, and should be installed by a professional or a licensed electrician. 

Fixed generators are less like portable generators that allow to power up some appliances and they require an inverter and a transfer switch. There are also solar generators that mount directly to your roof or ground- mount framing. This kind of generator depends on battery banks to become more practical, whereas it has to be maintained and replaced every eight to ten years. This backup system has to be permanently installed in a secure and dry location where wires can connect the inverter without any disconnections.

And lastly, the wind generators are suitable for larger rural businesses, wind turbines are used to power well pumps, heating units, and emergency lighting. The wind generator has to be strictly installed in an area that is exposed to windy weather to be effective. This solution has several benefits for businesses in rural areas and they do not require regular maintenance.

Protect your business by providing it with a suitable power backup system that will give you peace of mind during power outages. for greater reliability in long-term power outages. 


Nash Dennis Manyozo

Nash Dennis Manyozo was born in Zimbabwe, but is currently based in South Africa. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and executive who serves as an innovative leader in the electrical and telecommunications fields.

He is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations of TNJ Project Solutions – a leading provider of electrical and telecommunications services to power utility, railway, mobile, and fixed network operators throughout South Africa. The businessman co-founded TNJ Project Solutions in 2006 and has since grown to be a leading Electrical and Telecommunications Projects Solutions across Africa.

Utilizing his extensive expertise in the areas of project management and implementation in telecommunications and electrical engineering, he provides superior leadership to his team of highly skilled professionals, helping to drive the growth of the company on a global scale.

Nash obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Cape Town. He later obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. In addition to the considerable amount of expertise he has obtained through his professional experience, Nash also serves as a member of the Engineering Council of South Africa.

Nash references not just his successful career, but every aspect of his life to the mentorship he received from different people. This contributed immensely to his passions which are leadership, mentorship and the youth. Through these, Nash provides leadership and mentorship to young people to help them realise their strengths and ways they can build on them. He adds, “Mentors played a big part in my journey and has taught me that the voice that you honour the most will determine your success. I believe in developing leaders – that is encouraging and inspiring others to thrive and reach their full potential.”

Nash Dennis Manyozo is also a pastor at Elev8 church.


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 About TNJ Project Solutions

TNJ Project Solutions is a leading provider of Electrical and Telecommunication services such as power utilities, railway, mobile and fixed network operators in South Africa and the Southern African region at large.

Since the company’s establishment in 2006, it has grown to become a recommended service provider of Electrical and Telecoms network solutions to both government and the private sector at all levels with a comprehensive solution that includes installation, testing and commissioning.

TNJ Projects Solution helps facilitate this transformation by bringing connectivity into African communities, provides continued support in maximizing network availability and ensures smooth and timely deployment of innovative tangible results.