Relate Bracelets and Veldskoen team up to create the South African-ness bracelet

Relate bracelets has teamed up with the iconic South African brand Veldskoen to launch a new South African-ness bracelet which celebrates what makes us South African, while also creating earning opportunities for the elderly people who thread them and the young people who complete and package them.

Veldskoen, which launched in 2016, has always been willing to collaborate with organizations working to make a difference in South Africa. The partnership with Relate, a 100% not for profit company raising money for charity while creating earning opportunities in communities, was therefore a natural brand fit. 

“Relate is an incredibly inspiring organization that has the infrastructure and experience of making a real difference in the lives of those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are very proud and excited to be partnering with Relate,” says Nick Dreyer, CEO and Founder of Veldskoen. 

VELDSKOEN and Relate came together to celebrate and showcase South African-ness, by releasing the South African-ness bracelet.

‘South African-ness is a collection of attributes and attitudes that identify someone as a member of the rainbow nation. It’s all about resilience, kindness, creativity, compassion and the joy of life. It is both a state of mind and a state of heart. This is exactly what this bracelet encompasses.

By adding a South African-ness bracelet to your basket, you are connecting to so many people in South Africa. From the beads that are used, to the elderly women who put it all together, our aim is to be part of a chain of goodness and positive development for South Africa and for everyone to stand together during these challenging times, says Dreyer. 

Relate founder Lauren Gillis said she is a fan of what Veldskoen stands for.

“At Relate, we are always on the lookout for like-minded brands who value purpose over profit. Veldskoen’s creativity and brand tenacity really stood out to us. The focus on this  new bracelet is all about connecting people to their South African-ness and creating jobs for the Ikamva seniors who bead them and Relate youngsters.. We want to encourage everyone to add a South African-ness bracelet to their basket. We believe lots of little will make a big impact, says Gillis. 

The partnership also comes at a very important time in South Africa. As Covid-19 continues to have a negative impact on employment and livelihoods throughout South African communities, resulting in widespread hunger, malnutrition, mental and physical health issues. The South African-ness is not just a bracelet , it is food, warmth and safety for our pensioners and young people. We are all connected and each of us has the opportunity, responsibility and privilege to be agents of social change. For more information about our programmes, please visit