Localisation is an economic imperative for job creation with SMMEs in South Africa

Economic growth is linked to productivity as it linked to the human
capital that is available. For an economy to grow and develop its
capability, it remains critical to develop the internal manufacturing
and production capabilities. Forming an integral part of South Africa’s
industrialisation strategy, Lepharo has continued to take steps to
enable the future of South Africa’s Township economic development. This
is based on the fact that the townships have continued to show their
will to play a sustainable role in the value chain.

Working cooperatively to bring a more dynamic industrial base, the establishment
and support of the local industry to encourage a climate and culture
that enables them to grow and thrive. The press release below provide an
example of why localisation remains an economic imperative for job
creation with SMME inclusion in South Africa on the SMME Zone. Images
from the Open Day at Lepharo Munsiville are available here. The local
business who showcases their contribution towards bolstering South
Africa’s industrialisation efforts are in this link.

Unlocking opportunities for SMMEs and Cooperatives for economic growth
and job creation

MUNSIEVILLE, MOGALE CITY: MARCH 2022 – Small, medium and micro
enterprises (SMMEs) in townships play a key role in economic growth and
job creation in the South African economy. The Gauteng Department of
Economic Development (GDED), Mogale City and Lepharo have recognised
that a significant gap exists in relation to knowledge about
establishing and running a successful business that is ready to trade
with business South Africa. Focused on ensuring a sustainable programme
to enrich the SMMEs and co-operatives in Mogale City, the partnership
between the Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED), Mogale
City and Lepharo is actively working to develop and support these
enterprises in and around Mogale City to stimulate economic growth.

Since launching the Munsieville Incubation Hub in October 2021, 21 SMMEs
and co-operatives have been incubated into the program namely, Akanyang
Business Solutions, Botha Ke Boko, Bual Trading, Happy Homes Projects
And Services, Khabalefa Holdings, Lee Enterprise, PP TM Construction And
Projects, Rula Pallets, Segakweng Supplies and Services, Select Me
Engineering, Silver Bridge SA, Tuiko Investment, Zamava Construction and
Projects, Restoration Engineering Projects, Sibokwanda Projects, Monster
Bili Construction & IT Solutions, REM Technologies, Siduka Trading and
Project, Independent Girls Business Enterprise, Phelwane Construction as
well as Paisa Technology.

The incubates focus on areas such as construction inputs, General
Construction, Mining Construction, Alternative Building Materials,
Localisation & Import Replacement, Road Building & Tar Manufacturing,
Manufacturing & Engineering, Water Management & Plumbing, Bulk Piping,
HVAC, Alternative Renewable Energy Source . This has been done to ensure
each business owner is well placed to take advantage of the future
potential of Mogale City economy. The 21 companies incubated to date
had to meet the specifications of being 100% black owned, women owned
and youth owned (EME and QSE) of goods and services with the experience
and qualifications in the related commodities.

“We are pleased to have seen the 21 SMMEs today making use of the
R13million facility that is strategically located to reignite the
potential of the heart of the Munsieville community while providing
access to skills and training that will quadruple the size of the
community’s economic recovery prospects within 3 years,” says Success
Raduba, Centre Coordinator, Lepharo Munsieville. “Our ongoing efforts to
engage and equip and empower the greater Mogale City as we work with our
partners, we at Lepharo remain committed to creating an industrial
corridor for innovation, partnership, and entrepreneurship as we work to
enroll more SMMEs and co-operatives into the programme.”

Serving as a key to a more integrated and inclusive value chain, the
game-changing intervention of the Hub is building internal networks of
SMME black industrialists that will better service all levels of
business in the townships. With many in and around Mogale City actively
seeking out economic opportunities, the multidisciplinary approach to
creating a new area of black industrialists creates an ecosystem that is
indispensable for sustainable shared growth and social cohesion.

“We have seen that township SMMEs face a number of major challenges,
including high rates of unemployment (which may influence consumer
buying behaviour), along with a lack of finance, training,
infrastructure and skills. These challenges may have an impact on the
potential success and survival of such enterprises,” explains Mr Zenzo
Nkomo, CEO at Lepharo. “It is our ongoing commitment to ensure we
support and empower businesses to unlock opportunities for economic
growth and job creation.”