An Iconic Celebration Of An Iconic Whisky

The world’s most loved Scotch whisky brand, Johnnie Walker, brings together some of South Africa’s celebrated personalities and creatives to curate an iconic World Whisky Day experience. In celebration of this legendry blend, Johnnie Walker Black Label heroed an intimate soiree at Gemelli Restaurant in the heart of Bryanston, Johannesburg, paying homage to the brand’s enigmatic 12-year, superior blend.

Over the years World Whisky Day has been seen as a way of indulging in various blends and serves around the world but true to its iconic status, Johnnie Walker aimed to switch up the traditions and create a platform for consumers to mix it up and show off their preferred serves. The likes of Siya Dzenga, Phupho Gumede as well as Kevi Kev, to mention a few were there to enjoy it.

Johnnie Walker has pioneered the world of whisky from dialling up its inclusion and support of black, queer and female creatives to drive a message of boldness. In the last few years the brand has seen many innovations, collaborations and partnerships that showcased what it really means to Keep Walking – the brand narrative truly represents the brands ability to navigate change and meaningfulness as the country and the culture evolves.

Marketing Director, Zizwe Vundla shares that, “As a brand we aim to bring together people, be it from various cultures, backgrounds or walks of life. Our core aim is to ensure that at Johnnie Walker, we are constantly challenging old conventions and evolving with our brand. We pride ourselves in taking bold steps and wish to continue pushing our brand narrative of Keep Walking and what this looks like now and in years to come.”

When we think of this legendary celebration of World Whisky Day which dates back as far as a 100 A.D. it is quite important that an iconic brand like Johnnie Walker spearheads this celebration and brings consumers together to enjoy the liquid gold. Whether you’re a novice whisky drinker or whisky connoisseur passionate about infusing just the right flavours into your drink, Johnnie Walker encourages consumers to not stop creating the perfect cocktail and to Keep Walking with the brand on this day and beyond.

Zizwe concludes, “World Whisky Day is a legendary celebration of whiskies around the world and it is important to us at Johnnie Walker that we lead the celebrations in South Africa the best way we know how to, through moments of celebration and cocktail blends tailored to perfection and enjoyed by our consumers.”

The World Whisky Day celebration was indeed a moment of celebration as Johnnie Walker gathered guests and consumers to celebrate this historic event with delicious cocktails, delectable cuisine and good music. Follow all things Johnnie Walker this by visiting the brand website as well as our social media pages @johnniewalkersa or use the hashtags #KeepWalkingSA and/or #JohnnieWalkerSA.