“The Deal” Short film official premier set for “Youth Month”

Following its launch in Dublin, Ireland, in March, Paul Modjadji’s film “The Deal” is finally premiering in South Africa, On the 14th of June 2022.

Staring legendary South African actors including Dr. Jerry Mofokeng, Abigail Kubeka, Aubrey Poo, Napo Masheane and Matli Mahepeloa, The Deal is a film about the nuances of gender-based violence and its impact on one’s mental health.

The NFVF funded film follows the life of an 18-year-old South African girl, Thandeka, played by accomplished poet and actress Botlhale Boikanyo, who finds herself in a transactional sexual affair with a wealthy benefactor. The film delves into the thematic area of transgenerational transactional relationships otherwise widely labeled “blesser and blesse” relationships in South Africa, whilst exploring the toll often carried by young girls in pursuit of higher education. At its core, the film examines the fine line between coercion and consent.

Produced by Wandile Molebatsi, and written and directed by Paul Modjadji, The Deal is also the first film in South Africa to feature a dementia diagnosed character and present a snapshot inside her life and that of her family and care givers. Embodied by veteran actress, Abigail Kubeka, this is the first time the legendary actress is playing a character living with dementia. Veteran thespian, Abigail Kubeka, best known for her long-standing character on Generations and the Netflix series Queen Sono, says she took on the role because of its importance in bringing light to dementia awareness in South Africa, as many people consider cognitive decline as a normal part of ageing and not the ailment it is.

“The intersectionality between Gender-based violence, high levels of poverty as well as difficulties with accessing higher education are intersecting issues that are further exasperated by issues of race and class that continue to divide us as a nation. I am pleased that we get to premiere this film on what is widely celebrated as Youth Month in South Africa, as I hope the film shines light on some of the difficulties that affect the youth of today” said the film’s director, Paul Modjadji.

Executive producer for the film, Katie Mohamed remarked that, “The Deal is a powerful film that speaks to the intricacies of Gender-based violence. Its critical to also note that the film implores men to take responsibility, as it provokes necessary discussions on the topic”. Speaking of her lead role in the project Botlhale said “I am honored to be part of this film and to bring Thandeka’s story to life. This character’s story is one I resonated closely with and is unfortunately a saddening reality for so many women and girls in South Africa. I hope through her story we can reflect truths, educate and change perceptions. “

The Deal premieres on the 14th of June, at the Nelson Mandela Foundation auditorium.