Podcasts inform, educate and entertain

Brandlive is a podcast and production for companies to communicate new developments, create customer-centric content, develop an added value in terms of client retention and create a better flow in terms of feedback and interactivity to their existing customer base and market. Simultaneously, the platform can also open the brand or business to a new group of potential customers.

In today’s competitive market you need every tool available to retain and cultivate loyal customers. Podcasts offer you an exciting range of communication tools uniquely tailored to your brand and addressing your communication challenges.

Technology is constantly shaping the way we communicate and consume information which, presents your business with a simple and affordable way to address your customer/client in a modern, multifaceted setting. The podcast is now available for your business, a powerful corporate branded tool to complement your existing communication platform.

We have everything needed to produce, record and edit your podcast and we are able to assist with editing if you prefer. We can host your podcast and ensure that the podcast is distributed to the major podcast platforms and assist with ways of marketing your podcast and growing your audience.

We believe podcasting has an exciting future in South Africa. The purpose of the studio is to make provision for anyone wanting to start and run a successful podcast for the purposes of generating additional income, marketing an existing business, generating web traffic and sharing something interesting.

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