Avon introduces simplified process for new Representatives to start earning an income

Avon, the multinational cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and personal care company, has launched an automated online registration platform on its website that simplifies the process of joining and registering new Representatives.

“Over the years, we have consistently embraced the colossal opportunities presented by technology, and the convenience and reach of digital,” says Mikey Bicknell, Executive Sales Director at Avon. “The new platform unlocks new possibilities for prospective Avon Representatives to experience real time and a hassle-free welcome journey into the Avon family.”

The introduction of the online registration platform will enhance Avon’s lead management process. This will be done by removing the manual application, registration and account set up process and replacing it with a one-stop automated solution where new Representatives are registered and assigned immediately to Avon Business Owners. The Business Owners will then sign them up for success by providing new Representatives with all the necessary tools and resources to start earning from sales of Avon products. 

Being an Avon Representative provides an opportunity to earn an income, part time or full time, by selling quality, affordable beauty and skincare products at the back of resource-based marketing and sales support by the company.

Avon Business Owners run small businesses and collaborate with Representatives to make Avon products available and convenient to customers.

“The good news is, although the process is now automated, Business Owners still qualify for an appointment bonus when a new Representative is assigned to them as soon as they have placed their first invoiced order,” adds Bicknell. “The platform will allow Business Owners to focus less on manual administration and avail more time to gear their Representatives for success by signing them up for training and guiding them on how to maximise on sales through Avon’s various digital channels.”

Avon has also launched an Online recruitment campaign to attract new Representatives. Traditionally, Avon Business Owners would actively search for and recruit new Representatives. The campaign uses digital intel to identify digital savvy Representatives who are actively seeking opportunities to earn an income and automatically links them to Business Owners through the automated registration platform. 

Anyone who is interested in joining the world of Avon can logon to avon.co.za or (https://arp.avon.com/asa/ZA/en#avon) and click on “become a representative.”

“The Online recruitment campaign is part of Avon’s commitment to providing Business Owners with the best support possible so that they can grow and earn more from their businesses,” elaborates Bicknell. “Once Representatives are signed-up, they have access to digital tools such as the Avon ON App which allows them browse and share the latest digital brochure with their, build personalised social media posts entice and delight customers, place and manage orders on go,” he concludes.