Ctrack mourns passing of Mike Schüssler

It is with great sadness that Ctrack has learnt of the passing of renowned economist Mike Schüssler, following a battle with cancer.

Schüssler started “Economists dot coza” in 2005 as a private economic research house and gained an enviable reputation as both forecaster and innovator. Throughout his career, he has done numerous projects for the Presidency, National Treasury, and a host of private sector enterprises. Schüssler received the “Economist of the Year” award twice in the last 25 years and remained one of the most quoted and endorsed economists in South Africa.

Schüssler has been dear to Ctrack not just as a consultant, colleague and friend but also as the lead researcher and author of the Ctrack Transport and Freight Index.

Schüssler and his team have produced the Ctrack Transport and Freight Index since 2019. Since its inception, the Index has become an economic indicator and performance gauge of the South African logistics and supply chain industries.

This Index tracks all the major sectors of the South African and global transport industry. This report was largely made possible thanks to Schüssler’s innovative research that saw him analyse a variety of data streams that allowed him to paint an accurate and precise picture of the South African Transport industry.

Schüssler had a unique skill that saw him provide economic analysis and forecasting in a jargon-free manner that made it easy for the laymen to interpret and implement in their own business dealings.

“Ctrack has partnered with Schüssler due to his unique insights and relentless quest for new data that allowed him to more accurately predict market trends and economic factors. He will be sorely missed,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

“The country has lost an immensely knowledgeable, patriotic and larger than life figure today. We at Ctrack are extremely saddened by the news, and our thoughts and condolences go out to Mike’s wife Greta, family, and business associates during this time of mourning,” concluded Jordt.

Rest in peace Mike, you will forever be in our thoughts.