Makro sees an upward trend in pork consumption

 Makro reports an increase in pork sales despite the ongoing economic effects the Covid-19 lockdown regulations had on South African pig farmers.

According to Leo Roland Delaney, Butchery Services Director at Makro, the percentage growth of sales of pork, lamb and beef in the last month/quarter has been turbulent. The Massmart retailer has noted a steady decline in lamb sales contribution from 15.14% in June 2019 to 10.65% in June 2022, with a steadier increase in pork sales contribution from 8.86% in June 2019 to 11.41% in June 2022. The other meat types are steady except for beef; this can be attributed to Covid-19 government relief orders.

Makro’s bulk pork packs offer more value for money

When looking at the more popular types of pork products/cuts by far, the best-selling pork product in Makro’s perishable inventory is the Bulk Pork Pack which typically contains various pork chop cuts, roasts, and rashers. “The customer recognises value for money in this pack and these packs can be adjusted to a particular pick-up price that suits the customer’s pockets. In addition, the pork pack provides cooking versatility – from roasting to braaing. The pork packs are packed as “freezer ready”, thus saving our customers time and money. We are particular in the grade of pork we buy. This ensures quality and value for money for customers. Consistency in cutting makes for a better cooking experience for the customer. Our mission is to give our Makro customers excellent, considerate, and quality bulk deals,” explains Delaney.

With the impact of African Swine Fever on the industry, the retailer notes that this market opportunity is something that cannot be used to compromise quality and standards for the consumer. “These industry-wide frustrations need a collaborative effort from all relevant stakeholders with the consumer always at the centre of it all,” concludes Delaney.