Micros set to help Tashas Group position itself for profitable growth

 Micros South Africa has begun a countrywide rollout of the Oracle Micros Simphony point-of-sale (PoS) solution for leading restaurant company, Tashas Group. tashas in Lynnwood, Pretoria was the first site to go live at the end of July 2022, with the rollout set to continue over the coming months.

Tanith Quait, Operations Executive, Tashas Group South Africa, says that they chose to work with Micros South Africa, a member of the AdaptIT group, because of its track record as a specialist implementer of solutions for the hospitality sector.

“We are growing in South Africa, the UAE and other international territories as we work towards increasing our global footprint, so the ability to manage the restaurants centrally is essential for us,” she says. “In our business, keeping track of inventory and being able to monitor staff performance is critical. We also need the tills and kitchen display units to be seamlessly integrated to deliver a great customer experience, even when the restaurant is packed.”

Reginald Sibeko, Managing Director of Micros South Africa, says that the company is focused on leveraging Oracle’s PoS technologies to create solutions customised to the needs of a restaurant group, no matter how small or large. The company also works with other partners, creating an ecosystem of providers. For example, it recently signed a partnership with PAR Technology to introduce a smart drive-thru communication system specially designed for quick service restaurants.

In this instance, he says that Simphony, as the only true cloud-based point of sale, offers everything that Tashas Group needs.

“Because it’s cloud-based and, even more importantly, cloud-managed, Simphony is highly scalable—as the Tashas Group expands, it can simply add sites onto the system with minimal effort,” he says. “All the information is consolidated in a central database in the cloud, so that management has full visibility of each restaurant in the group, no matter where it is, while each restaurant manager has the information he or she needs in real time.”

Another big advantage of cloud-based architecture is that there is no single point of failure. If the Internet connection is lost for any reason, the restaurant can go on trading, and the information simply uploads when the connection is restored.

Sibeko says that the Oracle Reporting & Analytics solution that is utilised through Simphony empowers restaurant owners and/or managers to proactively manage day to day operations and provides better operations forecasting. As the COVID-19 pandemic brutally demonstrated, especially in the food and beverage business, flexibility is vital. It was only those businesses that could rapidly change course that were able to survive.

“What we are providing is a powerful PoS solution that drives efficiencies and ultimately profitability, while enabling the slick service that is a hallmark of the Tashas experience,” Sibeko concludes.