The “Garage of the Future” progressed by Audi at Decorex Africa 2022

Audi South Africa, in a partnership led by world-renowned South African Interior Designer, Donald Nxumalo, will be showcasing a futuristic concept of the “Garage of the Future” at the 2022 Decorex Africa. Decorex Africa is the design authority for décor, interior design and lifestyle industries. It is the longest standing design exhibition platform in Africa and is taking place in Cape Town and Johannesburg during the months of June and July respectively.

The “Garage of the Future” is progressive, electrified and functional and will showcase Donald’s ideas for shaping the design of the present and the future. The exhibition stand will also showcase the recently launched Audi RS e-tron GT – an electric vehicle that reinterprets the classic idea of the gran turismo: its design is highly emotive and its technology is revolutionary. The Audi RS e-tron GT will be supported by the sporty electric SUV, the Audi e-tron S Sportback.

“The Garage of the Future”, and our partnership with Donald Nxumalo, is a continuation of Audi’s Stories of Progress theme. This partnership embraces Audi’s full commitment to showcase the design trends and possibilities of future oriented concepts, and how this will impact our lifestyle as a consumer of tomorrow,” says Tarryn Knight, Head of Marketing, Product and PR for Audi South Africa. “At Audi, we believe that the future is an attitude – and that we have to embrace a mind-set that is geared to take the leaps needed to change today for a progressive tomorrow. Decorex Africa and Donald’s interpretation of the “Garage of the Future” is a fitting collaboration to show the diverse way that design impacts each and every area of our lives,” concludes Knight.

“Imagine you are headed home in your fully electric vehicle, it is quiet and as you enter your garage, you are welcomed by modern design that meets traditional craftsmanship – a cladded tunnel, seamless flooring materials and simplicity to park and plug your e-tron on charge. I believe that the garage design ideas of the future will not only include a haven for your vehicle. It will become a vehicle showcase and experience space suited to your specific lifestyle, replete with designer seating to relax and recharge – in this case a lounging area,” says Donald Nxumalo, award winning Interior Designer.

Embracing e-mobility is a journey of transformation in a multitude of ways. It is a holistic shift from habitual change to lifestyle integration. Audi is proud to embrace this partnership with Donald Nxumalo as a leading and award winning South African Interior Designer focused on future design trends, elements and constructs. Donald formed part of Audi’s launch of the e-tron brand in South Africa in February this year and his interpretation of the “Garage of the Future” is a continuation of the story with Audi at Decorex Africa 2022.

The concept behind the “Garage of the Future” aims to showcase the progressive nature that characteristics like design, digitalization and sustainability can play in the effort to truly progress Audi’s e-mobility strategy forward.

Decorex Africa 2022 will take place in Cape Town from 16-19 June and then in Johannesburg from 28-31 July, where visitors will be able to experience the “Garage of the Future” for themselves.