Building a culture of productive meeting behaviour

Drawing inspiration from thought leaders like Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, The Meetings Company integrates key insights into meeting behaviour to improve the way businesses approach collaboration. By blending behavioural science with cutting-edge technology, they offer an innovative meeting behavioural solution that addresses the root cause of inefficiency in meetings – group behavioural dynamics.

Ray Dalio, the author of ‘Principles’, offers valuable insights into effective decision-making, transparency, and creating a culture of radical truth and radical transparency. Here are key insights from Dalio’s work that can be applied to running better business meetings:

· Radical Truth and Radical Transparency: Create an environment in meetings where honesty is valued and participants can express their opinions freely, leading to more informed decisions.

· Thoughtful Disagreement: Encourage constructive challenge of ideas in meetings, fostering open-minded debates to arrive at superior solutions.

· Idea Meritocracy: Implement an idea meritocracy in meetings, where ideas are judged on their merit, not the seniority of the person who presents them.

· Believability-Weighted Decision Making: In decision-making, give more weight to the opinions of those with proven expertise and credibility, while valuing diverse perspectives.

· Principle-Based Decision Making: Guide discussions and decisions in meetings by well-defined principles, promoting objective and rational outcomes.

· Mistakes and Learnings: Embrace the sharing of mistakes and learnings in meetings, encouraging a culture of risk-taking and innovation.

· Clear Agendas and Follow-Ups: Ensure meetings have clear agendas and follow up with action items to effectively implement decisions.

· Data-Driven Discussions: Promote the use of data in meetings to support arguments and decisions, reducing biases and grounding decisions in facts.

By integrating these principles into your meeting culture, you can foster openness, effective decision-making, and continuous improvement, leading to more productive meetings that drive organisational success.

At the heart of The Meetings Company’s approach lies a commitment to fostering openness, effective decision-making, and continuous improvement. By incorporating principles such as radical truth and transparency, thoughtful disagreement, and idea meritocracy, they create an environment where honest expression and constructive challenge are encouraged, leading to superior outcomes.

The company’s behavioural analytic technology leverages advanced psychometrics to understand the preferences and tendencies of meeting attendees. With the capability to generate over a billion meeting permutations, this solution aims to improve over 90% of meetings by tailoring them to suit the needs of all participants.

Discover your meeting style

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