Three reasons to turn winter into a travel time Sho’t Left

Travel in winter barely tops anyone’s list of to-dos but the excuses carry very little weight when looking at what can be done in some of the heartiest and warmest destinations available to us all during this chilly season.

Looking beyond the beach and outside excursions, South African Tourism has identified golden nuggets they would recommend exploring during winter.

The country might be cold but now is the time to take advantage of some of the hottest travel deals available to all of us.

The bush and wildlife are calling out to South Africans with activities that we can all take part in, making this winter worthwhile from vacations, warm fires, sunny hikes and also true to winter snow-capped peaks helping change the perception around travel being restricted to summer. 

Winter. A time to keep warm with steaming cups of hot chocolate and crackling fireplaces. Winter is also a great time for to connect with family friends and explore the vast beauty of our country.

There are many reasons to travel and places to go to and create long and lasting memories. So, here are three reasons to get your bags packed and enjoy your country:

Bush – It’s never easier to spot the Big Five

So, you want to get away from people and escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. The bush is no better place to do this. As a South African, you no doubt should be aware of our world-famous nature reserves where you can spend a fun filled day from as little as R60 in Augrabies Falls, Golden Gate Highlands and Mapungubwe National Parks among others to R110 at Kruger National Park for a conservation fee.

With world-renowned nature reserves and preservation areas in every province, there’s no shortage of places to explore. They are probably even closer to you than you think.

The good news, winter is the absolute BEST time to go on a wildlife adventure. With less vegetation to look through and dry weather drawing thirsty animals to waterholes, you will spot the Big Five in no time at all.

The water is cold, but the wildlife is on fire

The draw of the ocean is luring locals outdoors, as this is the season where the waves sound louder and more constant.

If you are keen to stay close to the coastline then Hermanus, a small town southeast of Cape Town in the Western Cape, offers another reason to fall in love with our winters, with the opportunity to witness the whale migration.

Who would think that the best time to view flowers would be in winter? Well in Namaqualand it sure is. During the months of July – October the wild flowers are in full bloom in the Namaqualand that stretches across the West Coast.

The East Coast is also special during winter. The annual Sardine run that occurs between May – July across the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal coastline adds to the magic. During the sardine run you are likely to witness an incredible spectacle of birds, dolphins and other sea life that come together to feed off the greatest shoal on earth, consisting of millions of sardines as they travel upward in the warm water of the Indian Ocean on the East Coast. What a spectacle to behold!

Warm fires, sunny hikes, and snow-capped peaks

You can’t think about a Sho’t Left in Mzansi without considering a trip to the mountains. Whether Magaliesberg in the North West, Waterberg area in Limpopo or any of the remarkable sceneries along the Free State and Mpumalanga, winter is a magical time to embark on a hike during the day and cosy up by the fireplace at night.

Go high enough and you will get to encounter a snowy winter wonderland as many regions, especially in the Drakensberg, experience snowfall in winter. Although it is not always guaranteed, there is no better place to experience snow under an African sky.

Find your warmth

Whether its summer or winter, you must know that Mzansi never stops bringing its A-game. So why not go out there and find your warmth in your own way, and share with all your friends and family how great your country really is.

Find a travel deal for you right now at Sho’t Left. It’s your country. Enjoy it.