Craig Henry

Professional Engineer, Registered as Accredited Facilities Professional & Managing director at CER EcoSystem.

The only true life currency is TRUST; it is the ultimate prize that any fellow human can bestow on another. – Craig Henry

What is your brand?

CER Facility and Property Management is employee-owned, people-centred enterprises that individually perform with excellence to their respective industry standards; and within an ecosystem having shared enabling technologies and management systems. We offer business and operational  solutions such as:

  • Strategic Advisory and Consulting services over the built-environment lifecycle and as the organisation’s needs evolve
  • Programme, Portfolio and Project management of all that is necessary to achieve the organisations strategic and operational goals
  • Operational management of the physical built-environment and the individuals facility services in a manner to achieve excellence in built-environment experience
  • Operations delivery of specific facility services to the standard of excellence demanded for the overall built-environment experience
  • ARCHIBUS is globally deployed, best-in-class Integrated Workplace Management System. ARCHIBUS streamlines how you manage your facilities, infrastructure and real estate by centralising your data, planning and operations onto one seamless platform.


In relation to what you do, what advice can you give anyone?

Facility management is a dynamic and ever-evolving profession, it combines several professional disciplines in addition to facility management itself, and including people and financial management, engineering design and construction management, real-estate and property management; maintenance management; and health, safety, environmental and risk management.

Facility management provides the built-environment experience for organisations and its employees and clients to excel. When considering facility management it true holistic sense, it will be the third largest cost category after the cost of sales and employee cost.


What qualities do you value in people?

Trust, Caring & Excellence.  The three values are interrelated and interconnected and addresses a multitude of other positive attributes.

Current track