Karabo Kgoleng

 Seasoned broadcaster specialising in arts & literature

She is passionate about social justice and mental health and has a keen interest in African politics, lifestyle, books and everything that makes for compelling conversation.

A proudly South African who grew up in Botswana, Karabo loves to engage audiences in topics that move them to express themselves and take action. She is currently writing about international migration.  Karabo boasts witty intelligence, compassion and loves to geek out on new developments in technology and architecture.

Her interest in Employee Engagement stems from her own mixed experiences in the workplace – and what makes for outstanding workplace policies, experiences and relationships.

What is your brand? 

Engagement 101 presented by Employee Engagement Awards Africa, explores what employee engagement means for results on the ground, for leadership and for the country. Being a great place to work should be at the top of the Board agenda:  Employee Engagement Awards is driving that vision – celebrating and showcasing existing great practice across the continent of Africa, as well as developing local knowledge and content for practitioners and leaders alike.

Current track