Nomvula Rakolote

CEO of  The Association of Construction Project Managers

“I moved from being a lecture, to language practitioner, heritage specialist and now Construction as CEO of the ACPM and should I add host of the Construction Industry Conversations (CIC) which will unravel the critical issues in the industry but will at the same time give recommendations and solutions “

 What is your brand? 

The Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM), excellence in project delivery through industry leadership.

The ACPM is an accredited SACPCMP Voluntary Association which operates as an independent body for individual and corporate members with expertise in Construction Project Management.  the ACPM in pursuit of excellence, is the custodian of the affairs and interests of CPM professionals. It promotes professionalism and standards expected of CPM professionals.

The are three value adds to industry

  1. Transform – being an industry leader in the transformation of the industry towards a highly skilled, competent, efficient and inclusive Construction Project Management profession.

  1. Sustain – being  the voice that advances and  promotes recognition of CPM expertise to increase and sustain profitability of the membership base for economic growth

  1. Excel – being ‘go to’ organisation for clients, sponsors and beneficiaries seeking excellent Construction Project Managers and Construction Project Management Companies.


What do you get up to when you are not working?

Toastmasters, church, family. It is important to give time to family as they are the people that sacrifice a lot and have to be understanding especially when it is not easy to do so, but then still support you unconditionally.

 In relation to what you do, what advise can you give anyone? 

 MOTTO ‘ Go where there is no path and leave a trail” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a firm believer of continually having to set new targets and goals and do not want to live on past achievements and accomplishment nor bask under cloud of others’ achievements. I firmly believe an individual status should always be current.


  What’s something you think every person should experience In their lifetime?

Dare to dream but follow up with action – moving to higher dimensions of continual change and refinement in your life – this is what I think everyone should experience as it contributes to individual growth and individual fulfilment.




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