1st Cape Annual Mystery Rally “The French Connection”

The South African Guild of Mobility Journalists (formerly known as the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists) will be hosting the 1st Cape Annual Mystery Rally in the Franschhoek Valley.

For very specific reasons the event will start at the Franschhoek Motor Museum at L’Ormirans before taking the participants on an interesting tour through the valley to eventually finish at Leopards Leap Franschhoek. As the crow flies, literally just down the road from each other you may say!

At any given time 80 plus vehicles are displayed in the four magnificent halls at the Franschhoek Motor Museum and it will be business as usual for the regular visitors but, for those taking part in the Mystery Rally those four halls will represent the first hurdle in their quest to reach Leopards Leap as the most informed.

This event will require a sharp eye, a sense of humour, good negotiation and communication, patience and the ability to read between the lines. This specific manufacturer was established in 1899 and this model wears the diamond logo with pride since 1967. In fact, a local resident achieved remarkable success in this specific car and both car and driver will be celebrated with an official display scheduled for launch in October 2022.

But there is so much more to explore as the only South African built racing car to ever score world championship points is also proudly displayed in these halls. Many famous names are represented but even though this legend has a room named after him, his identity will only become apparent at the finish.

If you have the heart of a lion and the speed of a cheetah freedom is all you need to express yourself. Enter the world where much is said without saying anything but remember, do not share your discoveries as it will simply benefit your opposition! Never nice to lie, but you could be encouraged to spread the odd misleading rumour during the day.

Only believe what your read with your own eyes!

And of course, enjoy every second.