2022 SA car of the year winner reveal

The South African Car of the Year (COTY) category winners and official 2022 Car of the Year will be revealed throughout the day on 6 June 2022 via a Social Media Takeover. The South African Guild of Mobility Journalists (SAGMJ), the founders and custodians of COTY, has selected seven members of the Guild to be the official “2022 COTY Takeover Team”.

This unprecedented event will see these seven SAGMJ members being handed the reigns of both COTY and the SAGMJ’s social media accounts and given carte blanche to announce winners through whatever creative means they wish.

“The Takeover Team was formed with a blend of SAGMJ members and includes newer members, established members, as well as a COTY juror and trainee juror. The reveal concept was decided after all COTY voting and scoring had been completed, so the inclusion of a COTY juror and a COTY trainee juror was extremely exciting to us,” says Graham Eagle, Chairman of the 2022 COTY committee.

On 6 June 2022, commencing at 09h00, our Takeover Team will announce a category winner at 30-minute intervals, concluding with the Jurors Excellence Award and the 2022 South African Car of the Year.

The identities of our Takeover Team was announced on all COTY and SAGMJ social media accounts on 20 May 2022.

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