African Media Agency partners with Technext’s Coinference 2022

African Media Agency, a leading pan-African PR and communications firm, today announced its partnership with Africa’s premium tech-driven media house, Technext. The partnership aims to share stories demonstrating the utility and benefits of digital currency, while providing visibility to Coinference 2022, set to take place on 3rd October 2022.
Coinference 2022 is dedicated to educating African audiences on cryptocurrency. The conference brings together stakeholders from across the continent – entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, academics and blockchain enthusiasts – to foster a community where knowledge sharing is encouraged, and ideas are exchanged with respect to the application of blockchain technology on the African continent. 
Blockchain technology has emerged as an essential tool for creating trust in transactions on the internet. It helps users store data and make transactions without requiring a central authority to coordinate or keep track of everything. The potential of blockchain technology is hard to overstate, with diverse industries ranging from healthcare to supply chains recognizing its value.
“In this era of technological advancement, it is imperative for us to partner with a leading tech-driven media house like Technext. This helps us achieve our mission to tell stories about the innovations that drive economic growth on the continent” said Africa Media Agency CEO, Eloïne Barry. “This partnership is a strategic move to bring visibility to the new development in the financial space and create further awareness of crypto trading as an investment option”, she added. 
Attendees at Coinference 2021
Africa has been at the forefront of digital evolution with the continent boasting over 730 million mobile connections and more than 400 million internet users. This makes it a prime hub for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency innovation.
Speaking about the collaboration, Technext’s CEO David Afolayan said: “Our goal at Coinference 2022 is to further the exciting conversations that have begun in 2021. This year, we plan to provide a visible platform for key players in the African blockchain tech ecosystem and crypto enthusiasts to discuss the possibilities of the blockchain for the continent, in order to position for future leverage. We are excited about the possibilities the partnership with Africa Media Agency will afford participants and stakeholders- An extensive platform for visibility and networking.”
African Media Agency’s support of the event is in line with its commitment to creating bridges that provide opportunities for services and products that seek to help Africa’s development. It also affirms the agency’s goal to highlight African players in the global space, thereby increasing their visibility as well as their competitiveness.
Technext is a media house for Africa’s tech and innovation ecosystem, which brings stories of entrepreneurs, startups, and investors from the African continent to the global audience. The purpose is to lead tech conversations and make the majority stakeholders in the sector while telling stories in very relatable and simple language that anyone can understand.
The partnership will see both companies work closely together to share expert insights on the latest trends in digital currency technology and ensure that the stories of African innovators are highlighted in the wider global community.