N-Soft’s Revolutionary Governance tools Provide Governments with Full Visibility on Economic Activity

As a reputable governance solution provider and a long-tenured Digital Sector Supervisor, N-Soft has proven expertise in enhancing transparency and visibility throughout key sectors of economies using groundbreaking technological innovation.

For more than a decade, N-Soft has worked in partnership with emerging economies to provide unrivaled visibility over billions of transactions across several key sectors, ensuring governments can secure all taxes owed to them. N-Soft’s innovative solutions have attracted strong partnerships with many countries, including Mozambique, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, the Central African Republic.

N-Soft boasts the largest and most diverse package of data solutions, providing revenue mobilization services for key sectors of the economy. Originating in the Telecom sector, N-Soft has expanded its expertise to include Gambling, Mobile Money, Big Tech, Customs, Utilities, and Financial Services. Their cutting-edge ETL technology works to seamlessly track, process, store, and condense data into a simple format, promoting interoperability and allowing revenue authorities to easily supervise all activity across their economy while keeping data confidential. 

N-Soft also acts as the governance service provider, supervising telecom and mobile money for countries such as Mozambique and Mali. Their service is efficient, lightning-fast, and simple, giving government authorities unparalleled visibility over the transactions taking place in their economy. Since its integration in Mozambique in 2018, N-Soft’s telecoms service has traced over 87 billion calls and over 426 million GB of data from 4 operators Additionally, from 2019 to early 2022, N-Soft’s solution for Mobile Money in Mali tracked over 1.9 billion transactions valued at $60.5 Billion USD. These transactions occurred between distinct service providers, and N-Soft solutions worked to seamlessly convert and integrate all data into a completely confidential database. 

With unparalleled coverage, N-Soft’s data solutions provide immediate results in a government’s ability to monitor its economy’s revenue flows. The service is simple and easily implemented, providing fully operational reports on all activity within three months. Countries can see a boost in revenue large enough to cover all service costs; for the fastest in as little as 28 days, with all future added revenue reinvested into the country’s infrastructure.

N-Soft’s unrivaled expertise in key areas of governance solutions has attracted a strong network of highly skilled team members across the globe, located throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. Their strong reputation as a leader in GovTech has earned them positions among both the ITU and the ACAMS. 

As leaders in the GovTech industry, N-Soft has developed an expertise in revenue mobilization, earning them a position speaking at the highly esteemed University of Dauphine in France. The goal is simple: to boost government revenue without raising taxes on its citizens or companies. “The stakes are very high and transparency is the key to ensuring that the state’s revenues are effectively collected,” says N-Soft VP of Services Alex-Ariel Tchetgnia. N-Soft’s solutions are built to allow governments full oversight of their data, effectively mobilizing revenues that were previously unknown.