“Ode to the blanket”, as Africa day celebrations head to Soweto theatre

Soweto Theatre in partnership with Sound Proprietors will host the 2022 edition of Africa Day Groove on May 28 at Soweto Theatre, themed “Ode to the blanket”, insipred by the concept of blankets playing a major role in and around the African culture and traditions. 

Exciting acts on the line-up include the acclaimed Sjava, Nomfundo Moh, Peanut Butter and Jam with Malcolm Jiyane, The Brother Moves On, Black Crazy Dudes as well as Soweto’s BCUC who will blow us away with diversity. The amazing line-up will be completed by a Dj who has graced stages around the African continent, affectionately known as DJ MOFAYA.

“We as Sound Proprietors are delighted to be bringing back the Africa Day Groove for 2022 in partnership with the Soweto Theatre. Albeit it the new normal, we forge ahead with the -mandate that we have been given by our elders to remember them and heredities passed down through the Arts, Literature and Music.

One of the colourful elements is the inclusion of blankets in traditional celebrations to commemorate life’s milestones. Many South African cultures use blankets to not only represent their specific tribes, but also to commemorate a significant phase or event in life. Blankets form part of traditions cultivated and adapted over many years, designs will vary depending on the specific tribe or region. This year, while celebrating our heritage and diversity, perhaps something as trivial as a blanket will also remind us of our similarities ”, says Tshiamo Mosenyi, founder of Sound Proprietor.

Please make your way to the Soweto Theatre and witness as the diversity of African people grows. We still share the common love for an array of music which has the ability to bring us together throughout the Continent. The event intends to use that diversity to unite and promote the undeniable creativity of african artists, offering an opportunity for the audience to even be more proud of being African.

All Covid-19 protocols will be adhered to.