On air the first episode of “Beyond the Visible”

The long-awaited first episode of “Beyond the Visible”, the new docuseries that takes the public behind-the-scenes, and beyond, of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, is on air. For the first time F1 fans and novices will be able to discover the adrenaline-fueled and challenging daily routine of the more than 500 experts who work tirelessly in order to excel in the world’s most watched motorsport competition.

Before we hit the ground”, the series’ opening episode, reveals the tough process of approaching the races: the weeks leading up to the start of the new season are indeed a crucial phase, experienced with total intensity and concentration. These are days of strong emotions, adrenaline-pumping anticipation, mental and physical preparation. But none of this transpires on the outside. That is why Alfa Romeo decided to dare and go “beyond the visible”, reporting everything that precedes the highly anticipated inaugural race of the world championship. During these weeks, motivation, passion and focus become the key to pursuing one common goal: moving faster and faster.

Protagonists of the first episode are the managers of a team who works hard to define strategies and goals aimed at getting the most out of the group, always keeping motivation at the highest level.

However, the partnership between Alfa Romeo and Sauber goes far beyond Formula 1. After all, F1 is the laboratory of experimentation par excellence: groundbreaking in its hybrid strategy, at the cutting-edge of big data and artificial intelligence management, and in the development of next-generation software, all key areas for a brand like Alfa Romeo that makes technological excellence a priority. These two entities are devoted to sports performance, representing a symbiotic relationship. The unmatchable know-how and heritage of a brand like Alfa Romeo, a manifesto of noble sportsmanship since 1910, from the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in Turin collaborate closely with the Sauber Factory in Hinwil, where drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu work alongside engineers and mechanics refining constantly evolving strategies and technical solutions. The task entrusted to the designers is fundamental and complex at the same time. They work on the car’s aerodynamic solutions together with the engine and chassis engineers, with the goal of designing a single seater that meets the new regulations, at the same time guaranteeing performance excellence.

In addition to technique, there is a human component made up of intense training sessions to arrive at the race in perfect physical and mental condition, with athletic and technical tests simulating activities in the paddocks and sessions spent in the simulator.

Cristiano Fiorio, Alfa Romeo F1 Manager

“Beyond the Visible” is an ambitious project that perfectly represents the values of the brand. Alfa Romeo from its origins represents noble Italian sportiness, has always distinguished itself throughout its history by a bold attitude capable of transferring visceral emotions to all car and performance enthusiasts. The “Beyond the Visible” project is no exception: engaging and inclusive, true to the brand’s DNA.

Away from the spotlight, more than 500 professionals of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, each with a key role and precise goals, work every day to chase perfection in strategic, mechanical and engineering choices, because only those who approach it can compete in Formula 1. Starting from today and thanks to Alfa Romeo, the public will have the opportunity to get to know and feel part of all this. “Before we hit the ground” is just the first of five episodes that will be posted on the Alfa Romeo’s official social media pages and Youtube channel throughout the 2022 racing season. So many behind-the-scenes stories will be told in the five appointments of the all-digital project: from strategic choices and driver training to the very complicated logistics; from innovative technological solutions to the endless resources invested in research and development. Stay tuned!