Online Cannabis club opens

Under The Table (UTT) cannabis club has recently launched in South Africa. They offer
cannabis users safe and reliable online access to the services of fellow members
regarding the cultivation and / or processing of their own personal cannabis for private

By interpreting and applying the 2018 constitutional court ruling in a broader more
reasonable and less restrictive sense, as opposed to a narrow interpretation, together
with strict compliance to the proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, specifically in
terms of the cultivation, processing and member sharing – UTT has been inundated with
new members since it launched 2(two) months ago.

“The negative and illegal stigma of cannabis usage in South Africa is a thing of the past
– we are a community of cannabis lovers and are proud to offer a safe, responsible and
transparent cannabis club” Says Nick Bush one of the club’s founders. “No cannabis is
ever sold, it is grown and processed by members for members and is shared between
members of the club, and the members who cultivate or process any cannabis are
employed in terms of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, as amended. They
contribute to the unemployment insurance fund and they pay PAYE taxes based on their
salaries received”.

Once new members have completed a detailed sign-up process (where they must
complete a questionnaire on the current and proposed legislation) they are given
access to the UTT online members portal, where they can take part in the several
services offered by club members.

This entire process is strictly recorded and tracked through a voluntary self-regulatory
compliance network, the network currently consists of over 20 (twenty) cannabis social
clubs in South Africa and several hundred members that belong to the respective social

We are also monitoring any new and / or proposed amendments to legislation,
regulation and the Cannabis Master plan to ensure that we will be able to operate within
any proposed legislation and / or frameworks.

During a recent address Cyril Ramaphosa announced that government would be
streamlining the regulatory processes so that the local cannabis sector can thrive. This
coming after the appointment of a special task force to fast-track legislation and take
advantage of the many new jobs that will be created in the sector.

We are of the view that Government has already adopted a policy in this regard and
thus the current legislation (which have been declared unconstitutional in its current
form as far as it relates to cultivation, use and possession of cannabis in certain
circumstances) simply needs to be adapted to ensure that the cannabis industry can
operate fully and legally compliant within that legislative framework.

Currently, UTT is offering free membership for the first 3 (three) months, which gives
you access to member and / or club services, monthly events where members interact
in a fun and playful environment and learn more about the numerous benefits of

New members are welcome to join at or to contact the UTT team via
WhatsApp on 078 067 0076 or email for more information.
@uttmembersclub on Instagram