Spiritual Teachings in 1000 Hills

The first in a series of one-day, in-person workshops conveying teachings from spirit guides will be run at Décor Art Interiors, Botha’s Hill, on Saturday 27 August, facilitated by Adrian Rorvik.

The initial workshop covers the topics of spirit guides; planes of existence beyond the physical realm; and delves into life after death, reincarnation, suicide, karma, dreams, soul-mates- and more.

This is the rescheduled date. The workshop was postponed from its previous intended date last month. 

Adrian Rorvik is known to many as a radio presenter, travel writer, publicist, and “ghostbuster”. He is embarking on a series of in-person workshops in KZN.

“It’s all interwoven, really” says Rorvik. “I am acutely aware that we are living in challenging times when we are universally interested in exploring ways of making sense of the world around us. We have all experienced enormous uncertainty and loss in a deep and profound way, heightened by Covid, the riots and the recent floods. We are all feeling that so much is out of our control, but what we can control is how to respond to, and make sense of the challenges, anxieties and situations which life throws at us. Taking a day out to be quiet and focus on equipping ourselves with practical tools and a deeper understanding of how to do this can be hugely beneficial.

“I was invited by high guides to join a spiritual circle in 1991. Now, as we emerge from lockdown and are able to meet in person again, the time is right for me to pass on some of what I have learned to dispel misinformation and enlighten people seeking truths. The teachings are not found in any books, although The Bible and Buddhist texts are key. You will also find that I’m scant on unfathomable, esoteric terms, preferring more robust and practical explanations,” he explains.

Décor Art Interiors is a treasure trove at the crest of Botha’s Hill. Downstairs is crammed with furniture, décor items, collectables, present ideas and knick knacks that owner Angela Scholey sources from the East.

Angela Scholey has grown the business for over two decades and has incorporated some great initiatives. Upstairs, where the workshop will take place, are a series of retail outlets for crafters and other creatives, with a welcoming, inexpensive cosy coffee shop. Scholey built the upstairs market place using up-cycled building and décor materials salvaged mostly from the July 2021 unrest, turning a negative situation into a positive opportunity. The quaint little shops, forming an airy colourful arcade, are rented out at affordable rates, largely to help folk who lost their livelihoods during the Covid 19 pandemic, unrest and floods.

Décor Art Interiors is a member of 1000 Hills Community Tourism.

  • The first one day workshop takes place at Décor Art Interiors, 1 Warwickshire Crescent Corner, Botha’s Hill
  • On Saturday 27 August, from 10am to approximately 1pm.
  • Cost R350 per person.
  • The café is open for teas, refreshments and lunch.
  • Visit adrianrorvik.com to secure your spot, and to find out more about who Rorvik is and what he does.
  • There is an online version available for purchase, should people not be able to join on the day.

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