The Digital Platforms that businesses have been waiting for

With their newly launched flexi talent portal, Qunu Staffing is now providing access to skills on demand for businesses. “In a post-Covid environment, budgets are tight, and businesses generally can’t afford to hire the skills they need full-time,” explains Mamiki Matlawa, MD at Qunu Staffing. “This is where our flexi talent platform is delivering the specific skills to businesses they require on a flexible basis, at the click of a button.”

“Whereas traditional short-term staffing is based on fixed duration contracts, flexi staffing provides resources according to the business need, instantaneously. Whether it is on a contingency basis for two days, twenty or longer, or it’s until project completion, businesses can choose from our database of pre-screened, pre-approved talent and have the right talent in place almost immediately,” Matlawa continues.

Straightforward, flexible staffing solutions

By utilising our flexi talent platform, businesses move away from the restrictions of deeming provision in labour relations legislation, whereby an employee of a Temporary Employment Service (TES) is deemed a permanent employee of the company after 3 months availing of the service if the contract is not temporary. “Resources are provided on a commission agreement, which means businesses are purchasing services, rather than labour,” Matlawa notes.

“Flexi talent platform signals a move away from employment as we know it, providing an alternative that is cost-effective, more inclusive and more in line with international standards in a changing labour market,” says Natasha Addison, General Manager of Sales at Qunu Staffing. “This move is important, given South Africa’s current levels of unemployment. A lot of people see employment as a fixed process but by encouraging the use of skills as a service, we can provide relief for those individuals that are currently jobless. Conversely, it is a solution for those businesses that require skills to grow.”

Bridging the gap between unemployment and skills demand

The flexi talent platform provides an opportunity for individuals who are between jobs or who would otherwise not be considered for full-time employment because they are retired or have other commitments. Furthermore, younger qualified jobseekers have the opportunity to earn vital experience in a variety of industries and therefore build their skills competencies

“By registering on our portal, these individuals can secure flexible work opportunities and because they are immediately available, they can be onboarded without delay. Skills can be spread across industries as required, which is an important step in addressing South Africa’s growing skills shortage through technology,” Addison continues.

Technology brings it all together

With a convenient online skills database, and a mobile app due to be released in the next few months, businesses have immediate access to the skills and resources they require. “We’ve used technology to create a solution that allows businesses to bypass lengthy, risky recruitment processes and get straight to work with proven, suitable candidates,” Matlawa concludes.