Chilled Summer Vibes: Make the most of your summer holiday

Have you ever felt you needed a holiday after your holiday? The festive season can quickly become a stressful time, filled with parties and back-to-back events, leaving you feeling tired and ill-prepared to take on the new year.

We all know that the summer holidays are a time for catching sun rays and putting your feet up. And after a hectic year, there’s nothing better than chilling on a long summer afternoon. This festive season, staying safe and staying home could be just what you need to relax and unwind. 

Kickstart your summer with these five activities:

The great outdoors

As much as we love the beach, squeezing yourself shoulder to shoulder with beachgoers during the festive season is hardly likely to leave you feeling chilled out. Instead, explore the lesser-known spots throughout South Africa. You’ll be amazed at the gems you’ll find – secluded beaches, shaded hiking trails, waterfalls, and natural pools. If you’re looking for something to get the blood pumping, try a canyoning adventure or zipline tour through a forest canopy. Spending time surrounded by nature is sure to help you forget about the rat race! 

Explore new flavours

Spend your summer perfecting your mixology skills and mixing up some mean mocktails at home with your family and friends. If you’re a novice, don’t worry – there are endless online courses and tips to get you started. Don’t be scared to think out of the box and use some incredible mixers on the market, such as the 2021 Red Bull Summer Edition: Cactus Fruit.

Love local

From gifting to getting outdoors, there are so many amazing homegrown options on your doorstep. Immerse yourself in all things local this summer. If you’re looking to get out the house, why not try visiting your nearest markets, supporting South African producers or spending a day supporting one of Mzansi’s sports teams? For a chilled day at home, indulge in binge-watching some of South Africa’s local content on Netflix, or read a local author.

Connecting the dots

Make sure you connect with your loved ones, either in person or online. With today’s technology, staying in touch has never been easier, even when you’re apart. Schedule in time to video call or spend time online with your family. Join in on the Red Bull Summer Edition Treasure Hunt on Instagram. Not only will you have a fun AR filter to superimpose on your surroundings, you’ll be able to compete by finding hidden Summer Edition cans – it’s an immersive way to explore an island without leaving your home and you can share your high scores by tagging @redbullza on Instagram to win prizes.

The gift of giving

The festive season is all about giving. But instead of fighting your way through crowds of shoppers and wasting money on gifts your family will never use, put your time to good use. Volunteer your time at a charity that’s close to your heart this summer season. Not only will you make a real difference where it’s needed, but you’ll also start the new year feeling fulfilled and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Take the time to chill this summer and start the new year feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to make the most of 2022!