Christi’s new music video is now available!

The very talented singer-songwriter, Christi, recently released her debut album, Fall Apart, as well as her band-new single, LOVE BURN. The music video for this upbeat love song is now also available!

“After a long-term relationship ended, I came to realise that I didn’t really know the person I was dating. I saw a different side of him. I learned his perspective of the relationship and it was very different from what he expressed while we were together. I was hurt and did what miss Taylor Swift does best, I wrote a song about it,” she shares about her fifth radio single.

The music video was filmed at the second-hand vinyl and CD store, Microgram Music Traders, and produced by the amazing Gerduan Kemp.

“I have a great love for vinyls and collect them with my father. I wanted to make a music video that really shows who I am as a musician and vinyl play a big role in the way I listen to music. Love Burn was inspired by Avril Lavigne and so was the music video. We went for an early 2000’s pop-rock theme with a 3-man band – Richardt Oliver (drums), Mike Kitchener (bass) and PC Vermaak (guitar) to make it a reality. I thrifted the dress that I wore, so it’s an authentic Y2K dress and I paired it with classic Chuck Taylor sneakers”, she says.

When asked about the story behind the music video she explains: “I look through the music in a store and suddenly I imagine that I’m performing Love Burn, my own song, in the store. In the end I snap back to reality and realise it was just in my mind. For me, it reflects how my dreams of being a singer is starting to come to life, but it is still a dream that I must continue to work on to make it a reality”.

Like with her previous music video, she focused on her performance to bring the music to life. “I love performing. It’s one of my favourite parts of the music journey and I wanted the music video to reflect my love for it”, she adds.

The album, FALL APART and single, LOVE BURN is now available on digital streaming platforms.




Sunday Afternoon


Fall Apart


Shining light

Love Burn


Stand Up

One Step