Ethel Kuuya, visionary leader and author, shares insights on transformative leadership for Africa

Ethel Kuuya is at the forefront of a transformative movement in Africa, advocating for a new era of leadership that prioritizes collective advancement over personal legacies. With the South African Elections approaching on 29th May, Ethel can provide valuable insights on how individuals can research and choose effective leaders and leadership parties.

Here are some potential topics for your interview with Ethel Kuuya:

The core principles outlined in “Leading Beyond Now” and their significance for Africa’s future.
Ethel Kuuya’s journey as a leader and entrepreneur, and the mission of Advisory Kulture in driving transformative change across the continent.
Strategies for fostering effective leadership in the public and private sectors, particularly in the context of the upcoming South African Elections.
The role of culture, strategy, and leadership in reshaping Africa’s economic landscape and fostering sustainable development.
Ethel Kuuya’s insights on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities for growth and innovation in African markets.
Ethel Kuuya is available for interviews to discuss these topics and more. We believe her unique perspective and wealth of experience will offer valuable insights for your audience.

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Ethel Kuuya: Visionary Leader, Founder and CEO of Advisory Kulture, and Author, Pioneers a New Era of Leadership with “Leading Beyond Now: Five Commitments for Africa to Thrive

Johannesburg, 20 May 2024: Ethel Kuuya, a dynamic force in the realms of leadership and entrepreneurship, is igniting a transformative movement across Africa with her visionary leadership philosophy. In her profound book, “Leading Beyond Now,” Ethel Kuuya presents a new standard—a new way of being for Africa.

At its heart, “Leading Beyond Now” embodies the essential commitments required to kindle the continent’s regeneration. With a profound understanding that Africa needs to purge deeply ingrained behaviours and mindsets that have held the continent back, Ethel Kuuya offers a roadmap for transformative change. To lead beyond now is to make choices and effect transformations that bestride generations, redirecting leaders’ focus from personal legacies toward the noble mantle of stewardship.

“In ‘Leading Beyond Now,’ Ethel Kuuya paints a vivid picture of a future where Africa flourishes,” says Cleopatra Agoro, Partner at Advisory Kulture. “Through her five commitments, Ethel presents a paradigm shift—a call to action for leaders to embrace a new way of leading that transcends individual legacies and prioritises the collective advancement of Africa.”

Ethel Kuuya built a distinguished career in strategy, culture, leadership, transformation, public institution reform, policy-shaping, and senior leadership coaching. She engages in spirited dialogue with executives, national leaders, and think tanks, setting the stage for transformational discussion. Some of Ethel’s achievements and recognitions include the 2018 Emerging New Leader Award by the Crans Montana Forum, UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab Expert, Chatham House Royal Institute for International Affairs forum contributor, and former UN Women Civil Advisory Group Member. She serves as a Non-Executive Director of various profit organisations including a listed bank in Tanzania, a subsidiary of a large pan-African financial services holding company. She also serves on various not-for-profit boards.

In addition to her illustrious career, Ethel Kuuya is a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with her insights and vision for Africa’s future. Her keynote presentations inspire action and drive change, making her an invaluable asset for conferences, summits, and corporate events.

Ethel Kuuya also holds a pivotal role as a board member and non-executive director for a listed bank in Tanzania, a subsidiary of a large pan-African financial services holding company. Her expertise and strategic vision contribute to the growth and success of the organisation, further solidifying her reputation as a leader in the financial sector.

Driven by a vision of a thriving Africa, Ethel Kuuya and the team at Advisory Kulture are dedicated to their mission of enabling the future. With headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and regional offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and Harare, Zimbabwe, Advisory Kulture is strategically positioned to serve a diverse clientele, offering robust advisory services tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities across the continent.

Join Ethel Kuuya and Advisory Kulture in their mission to enable the future and lead Africa towards unprecedented success.