JessicaJane to show French-Xhosa Range at Paris Fashion Week

Little did JessicaJane know that when she fell in love and married Wandile Molebatsi who is half Tswana and half Xhosa, how this would impact her fashion design journey culminating in an invitation to Paris Fashion Week in early March 2022. 

After receiving the invitation and after much thinking during Covid lockdowns, Jessica decided to create a range that would mean something for all South Africans. Her range embodies the idea of cultural cohesiveness as it embraces the past, present, as well as racial and cultural differences. 

The range is all that more personal to Jessica because of her multi-racial family and the love that they have for each other. After marrying Wandile, Jessica’s social circle expanded, and she started having women approach her to make their traditional South African wedding dresses. After making a few traditional wedding dresses, Jessica found herself gravitating towards Xhosa attire. This had to do with the impactful monochrome nature of the garments. 

Jessica’s heritage of French, Norwegian, Scottish and English is naturally something that flows through her designs. When designing and creating JessicaJane traditional wedding dresses, she still allowed her heritage to flow through her designs while maintaining a deep respect for the traditional cultural garments she was being commissioned to design and make. 

Having studied a BA Degree in Fashion Design, Jessica always brings couture elements into her traditional garments and believes that a traditional wedding dress should be treated with the same care and attention that one gives to a civil wedding dress. 

Whilst developing this love of Xhosa attire and having an affinity for all things French, Jessica started to imagine how her designs could creatively merge these two styles’ aesthetics. This creative design process had already begun when JessicaJane received an invite to show during Paris Fashion Week and she knew instantly that she would want to show a French-Xhosa Range. 

When marrying into the Molebatsi family. Jessica received her “given” name from her Xhosa aunts which is NOLUTHANDO (The One that gives love). Jess felt that to name the range NOLUTHANDO would be perfectly fitting; as this range would go out into the world and show, give and portray love for our country. 

JessicaJane was uncertain if she could indeed show during Paris Fashion Week on the 4th & 5th 

Early March 2022; but thankfully due to the intervention of the South African governments Department of Sports, Arts & Culture this dream will be realised. 

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