Protect yourself against technology with technology

Electromagnetic smog, or electrosmog, is electromagnetic fields in our surroundings that are generated artificially, and that affect people and our environment. Electrosmog is created by devices such as cell phones, towers, Wi-Fi routers, and smart wireless gadgets.

Due to digitisation, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is rapidly increasing and the impact it has on human life is massive. Not only does it cause several discomforts and diseases such as sleep problems, a weakened immune system, metabolic disorders, but also mental health issues. 

But how do you know that electrosmog is the cause of your ill health? Dr Marlena Kruger, CEO of MindUnique Education and director of the Technolife Wise Foundation, uses new types of technology to help you discover whether electrosmog is a reason for concern in your environment so that you can protect yourself against ‘harmful’ technology. With the use of an electrosmog meter, she measures the electrosmog levels in your home, workplace, or place of learning. Dr Kruger also does health scans with a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser to measure the balance of all the critical elements in and functioning of your body from head to toe.

Top 10 finalist

Her use of technology to protect yourself against ‘harmful’ technology was recently awarded: She was one of ten finalists in Nedbank’s Business Ignite Campaign in Gauteng chosen from more than 1 000 applicants that use technology in various sectors.

“It was such an honour to be recognised for the valuable work that my organisation does. It is also great to see that people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that we must protect ourselves, our health, and our children against the harmful effects of certain technologies,” says Dr Kruger.

“It is not only electrosmog that affects our health. The overuse of screens and addictions to social media stunt the growth and development of our children and deeply affect our self-esteem and confidence. I have made it my life’s mission to raise awareness and help parents and children live a healthy, fulfilled, creative life.”

More about MindUnique

MindUnique also offers a free masterclass online and other EMF protective products (WoWe®), training resources and coaching services on related topics and customised to your needs and context. She is also busy authoring a book to be able to help more people in different ways to be the best they can be and fulfilling their dreams in a neuro-integrative and meaningful way. Her motto is: Prevention is better than cure. Let’s take action together!