Talented young photographer given opportunity for career boost

Sue-Relle Maasdorp, a talented 21-year-old from the small town of Aggeneys, has been awarded first
place after completing a multimedia skills development programme designed to empower youth in
the community. Sue-Relle is now not only focused on registering her own multimedia business, but
she is actively collaborating with other creatives from the surrounding areas, providing them with the
opportunity to work with her on freelance photography and videography jobs, to earn income and
gain valuable experience.

“People in my community do not consider multimedia as a viable career path that one can succeed in.
The skills I acquired, particularly in videography, have not only elevated me and my business but have
also allowed me to offer more services to the community I serve. This experience has been truly life-
changing for me,” said Sue-Relle.

Funded by the local Aggeneys Solar and Konkoonsies II Solar plants and facilitated by Phanda Studios,
the year-long programme has not only upskilled unemployed youth but has also boosted small
businesses in the multimedia space.

“The programme assisted me immensely, imparting not only videography and photography skills but also
crucial knowledge about the business field and how to successfully run my own business. My ultimate
career goal is to establish my own business, and this programme has been instrumental in preparing me
for that journey,” added Sue-Relle.

The five programme participants, representing the communities of Aggeneys, Witbank, Pofadder, Pella
and Onseepkans were evaluated on their progress, motivation, and dedication to the programme. In the
end, they were required to submit a final video about one of the projects supported by Aggeneys Solar
and Konkoonsies II Solar’s economic development programme, for judging by a team of their staff. Sue-
Relle’s submission stood out for its exceptional storytelling, creativity, and overall video quality.


“Taking first place is a remarkable achievement, and I take great pride in applying the knowledge I gained
in my projects. What resonated most with me about this competition was the platform it created for the
art of photography and videography to be recognised,” concluded Sue-Relle.

The prizes won by Sue-Relle included: a comprehensive videography kit containing a Hybrid Camera,
Video Tripod, Video Lights, Video Editing PC, Mouse, Software, Microphones, Memory Card, Hard Drive,
and Editing Headset.