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A podcast that gives you information on upcoming networking events, unpacks policy and many more.

The Entrepreneurs Pitstop as the name suggests is a pitstop for the hustlers/ the Mavericks/ the aspiring entrepreneurs – who need to take a break and refuel their engine. Entrepreneurs’ are often so busy being busy that we never take time to refuel, refresh and reflect on the business lap we’ve just finished or are going into.

The Entrepreneurs Pitstop gives you information on upcoming networking events, unpacks policy and what that means for your business, gives book reviews on business books we want to read and don’t find the time, we speak to business leaders and mavericks who are seemingly out of reach; and give you a chance to send your questions and ask anything you’d like to know.

We also filter through information overload and help provide relevant information geared to help your business.

Bernadette is an entrepreneur who is passionate about African business.  Her company has operations in South Africa, Mozambique, and Angola.

Find her on twitter @bernadettebule or check out her company website on :

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Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Founder of BuleConnect & host of the Entrepreneur's Pitstop Daughter of Africa.

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