Alfa Romeo launches first worldwide advertising campaign

Alfa Romeo is launching its first global communications campaign in the United States.

Premiered on the brand’s social media channels, the advert will go on air on the U.S. TV networks on Sunday, October 24th during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, to be held in Austin, Texas on the renowned Circuit of The Americas (COTA).

The campaign is an interpretation of Alfa Romeo’s means of communication; it draws inspiration from new values and a new concept of belonging to the brand, which goes way beyond the cars’ technical specifications. Driving an Alfa Romeo is a unique sensory experience, intended to imbue the driver with profound emotions.

The communications no longer focus on performance alone: sport remains in the brand’s DNA, but what matters are the emotions inspired by driving an Alfa Romeo. Visceral sensations, unique in their intensity, typical ones in people who love life and a daring approach to it and all long-standing values at Alfa Romeo.

Olivier Francois, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Stellantis:

“The significance of launching our ‘Near Life Experience’ campaign for Alfa Romeo during this weekend‘s US Grand Prix is by design. It pays tribute to the brand’s rich racing heritage that goes back as early as 1910 and to the start of Formula 1 in 1950, when Alfa Romeo was not only present, we were champions the first year, taking first place with Giuseppe Farina and the Alfetta 158. ‘Near Life Experience’ honors a rich automotive pedigree that continues to evolve, and delivers on its exceptional promise to Alfa Romeo drivers on the road every day.”

Jean Philippe Imparato, Alfa Romeo CEO:

“For Alfa Romeo, the ‘Near-Life Experience’ campaign is a very big step toward its future as a premium global brand. While remaining true to the brand’s DNA – the epitome of Italian noble sportiness since 1910, this video speaks of its daring attitude and its unique ability to provide its customers with a visceral experience. This is the first time we’re using a single language all over the world, a direct message to everyone who shares Alfa Romeo’s values.”

A global campaign, speaking of the inclusive power of a brand that can inspire universal emotions, shared the whole world over. Driving an Alfa Romeo therefore becomes an everyday all-pervading experience, in the city or beyond, just for fun or simply to get around on an everyday basis.

The engaging campaign was developed by TRG (The Richards Group), an independent agency in Dallas, and was directed by Salomon Ligthelm, a well-known director who has been working for years with some of the biggest celebrities on the international music scene, and with some of the biggest premium brands in automotive and beyond. The Director of Photography was Daniel Bouquet, who previously worked on Sound of Metal, a movie nominated for the 2021 Oscars. The soundtrack consists of Flavio Ibba’s arrangement of Vltava (The Moldau) from Smetana’s Má vlast (My Country).