Charge up, charge on – the tiger wheel & tyre guide to a safer journey this winter


Picture the scene: it’s a cold Monday morning in the dead of winter. Tucked away in the comfort and serenity of your bedroom, you find yourself enveloped in the warmth and cosiness of your thickest duvet, wishing you were laying on a tropical beach, basking in the sun…

Suddenly, your eyes dart open and you jump to your feet as the day ahead flashes before you in a haze of panic. “Loadshedding, dead phone battery, missed alarm, lunches, school run, board meeting, the big presentation, traffic – I need coffee!”

As you scramble out of the house, children in tow, you pile into the car, without a minute to spare. Chuffed at your combined efforts, you think “today is going to be a great day”.

But your ride has other plans – you switch on the engine and instead of that emphatic “vroom”, you’re met with a lacklustre clicking, regretting your decision to skip that free battery safety check from Tiger Wheel & Tyre!

If you’re like most people, then you don’t really know that you need a new car battery until it’s too late. At Tiger Wheel & Tyre, they’ve got your back with R100 off any AtlasBX or Duracell automotive battery that you purchase before 31 August 2022.

Additionally, here are some telling signs that your battery needs an urgent replacement:

  • Corroded terminals & warped case

  • Dimming headlights

  • Clicking sound when turning on the ignition

  • Engine backfiring

  • ‘Check battery’ light is on

You are also encouraged to follow these simple steps to help extend the life of your car battery:

  • Start your car regularly

  • Ensure your battery is tightly fastened

  • Switch off lights and radio when the engine isn’t running

  • Clean your battery often

When all else is done, don’t hesitate to stop by your local Tiger Wheel & Tyre for a battery safety check that’s completely free of charge!

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