FIAT presents the Sanitizing Glove Box with two online videos

FIAT presents the Sanitizing Glove Box: an innovative and remarkable piece of technology which helps increase the hygiene of the surfaces of personal objects. To showcase how easy it is to operate, the brand has made two new online videos which explain, in perfect FIAT style, the importance of sanitizing our everyday objects so we can fully experience the joy, lightheartedness, wellbeing and care of the Italian dolce vita.

The “Touch” video stars a hand which comes into contact with unclean objects—like a shopping cart, ATM keyboards, subway escalators—and then grabs a smartphone. These kinds of actions take place every day and often conceal insidious bacteria. However, the Sanitizing Glove Box is here to help. All one need to do is put their smartphone in the glove box and start the sanitizing procedure.

In the second video, entitled “Washing machine”, the same hand puts a wallet, set of keys, sunglasses and cellphone into a washing machine. Once the machine is turned on, the sound of the objects banging around becomes more and more annoying. In an ironic tone, the claim states “There is a better way to sanitize your items” referring to the Sanitizing Glove Box.

Both videos were made by the agency Prodigious and directed by Giovanni Battista Bacilieri. The soundtrack was produced by the composers Flavio Ibba and Stefano Switala and publishing by Red Rose Productions.

Available on the New (500)ᴿᴱᴰ and the New 500 “La Prima by Bocelli”, the Sanitizing Glove Box contains a built-in UV-C ray lamp in the glove box and helps increase the hygiene of the surface of smartphones, keys and other small objects. All you need to do is place them in the glove box, close it and turn on the system by pressing a button on the central console. An external blue light and a sound will inform you when the three-minute hygienization cycle has been completed.

FIAT has always fostered technology that is, first and foremost, simple and people-friendly. It pursues the idea of “tech it easy”, and complicated instruction manuals are not need to understand its devices. After all, the Italian brand’s main mission for over 120 years has been to offer innovative technological solutions which are easy-to-use and capable of satisfying the modern needs of everyday driving, as well as protecting people and the environment.