getWorth disrupts pre-owned car market with R2m bonuses

getWorth customers have received in excess of R2-million in bonuses over the past year. The innovator in South Africa’s pre-owned car industry is disrupting the market by providing higher than normal offers based on live market data.

Unlike most car dealers, getWorth partners with the seller to ensure that the car sells for what it is worth. This de-risks the process and allows the seller to achieve a far more realistic price for the car.

Through its getMore product, car owners are paid upfront for their vehicles and then receive cash bonuses once the car sells.

Jamie Surkont, getWorth director says this enables sellers to sell their vehicles for their real worth. “Our offers are firm and based on live market data – no generic book values, no rough estimates and no time-wasting.”

“One of the biggest challenges in this industry is to determine a realistic value for a car. We offer an innovative solution for motorists looking to sell their vehicle. Our tech uses a variety of factors, including economic indicators, repo rate and inflation, to help us accurately predict values on a retail and trade level,” he explains.

All offers are based on live market data, not generic or assumed values. This means clients are receiving fair value based on what the market has to offer. More importantly, GetWorth focuses on quality vehicles and that is integral to both the buying and selling process.

“The process is simple, once the client has provided the necessary details, we access the vehicle data and we will send them a firm offer. If accepted, we pay an upfront cash amount and then market the car at a realistic price that the seller specified,” he concludes.

getWorth helps its clients manage their vehicle assets by providing the necessary tools, products and information to make informed decisions.