Goodleaf Launches Functional Mushroom Brand, “GOODMIND™

Goodleaf Company (“Goodleaf”), a natural wellness company and the leading CBD brand in Africa, recently announced the launch of GOODMIND™, a premium range of functional mushroom formulas that harness the power of adaptogens – non-toxic, non-psychoactive fungi, used for centuries in traditional medicine for their stress-relieving benefits. GOODMIND™ is designed to nourish the mind and elevate everyday life by enhancing mental capacity and the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

Goodleaf has partnered with Psyence, a life science and biotechnology company focused on mental health and well-being. Psyence (CSE: PSYG) is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange.  Both companies intend to leverage their knowledge and experience in the functional mushroom space to ensure the success of the GOODMIND™ range.

“Our experience in developing and launching new consumer products will be invaluable as we make headway in the functional mushroom space. There is no doubt that there is a growing demand for wellness products, and we are extremely excited to collaborate with Psyence, as we launch GOODMIND™ and bring a range of functional mushroom products to market,” says Warren Schewitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Goodleaf.

Goodleaf has a strong and proven track record in the cannabis industry in Southern Africa, with established distribution lines through retail stores, online stores, wholesale, and coffee shops and has demonstrated great competence in launching new consumer goods in a young industry which bodes well for their launch into the adaptogen space.  Goodleaf will be responsible for the production, commercialization and sale of GOODMIND™ functional mushroom products.

 Jody Aufrichtig, Founder and Executive Chairman, Psyence Group Inc. adds: “We are delighted to partner with the leading Cannabis brand in Africa, Goodleaf, who have a proven track record of successfully launching and distributing high-quality retail and online products. Goodleaf’s extensive distribution outlets will ensure that our functional mushroom products can quickly penetrate the growing market.”

There has been a sizeable shift in the lifestyles and dietary habits of people over the past two decades characterised by a rapid rise in the consumption of synthetic mass produced food products, often with negative health effects. However, consumers are now increasingly becoming more health conscious and are seeking out functional foods and beverages, as these are seen as offering health benefits. The demand for medicinal mushroom products is expected to increase significantly, as functional mushrooms are being incorporated in various food and beverage products. The global market is expected to reach $15.9 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.0% during the forecast period 2021-2026.

GOODMIND™️’ functional mushrooms will be available in a convenient capsule form from the GOODMIND™ online store.