New product innovations add even more flavour to Tiger Brands portfolio

Tiger Brands, South Africa’s largest food producer, has introduced a host of new and relevant innovations to its extensive product portfolio in response to rapidly evolving consumer needs and trends. These innovations target areas becoming critical drivers for consumer buying habits, including value, health and nutrition, and the growing trend to snack.

“We all need a little change every now and then when it comes to our daily menu. More options and loads more taste. But we also need the perfect combination of more value for less, added wellbeing and not forgetting moments of indulgence. Our new and exciting product innovations address all these expectations without compromising on quality, and even enhancing it,” says Becky Opdyke, Chief Marketing Officer, Tiger Brands.

Value (Superior quality at affordable price points)

Tiger Brands has launched several new sizes of some of South Africa’s favourite products. These include All Gold Tomato Sauce, Mrs Balls Chutneys and Tinkies, which all come in smaller and more affordable sizes. AlbanyXtra loaves of white and brown bread offer four extra slices at a lower cost per slice.

“The reality is that a challenging economic environment amongst other factors has resulted in the cost of the average food basket increasing substantially over the last two years. Consumers are shopping less often and are expecting more per rand, and they are not compromising on quality,” says Opdyke.

Health and Nutrition

Since the start of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in early 2020, South Africans have been paying more attention to their health and nutrition, targeting healthier living. This according to Tiger Brands’ Eat Well Live Well State of Nutrition report.

South Africans have become more conscious of what they are consuming. They are increasingly focused on maintaining healthier diets for body and mind and seeking out products that can more easily help them do this.

In response to this new healthier consumer movement, Tiger Brands’ Jungle has introduced a healthier alternative to traditional energy bars with new cereal bars containing less sugar, and Purity Junior Smoothie pouches help parents fulfil the nutrition needs of their children. And the iconic KOO brand has launched a convenient diced beetroot variety while its entry into the Pilchards category offers an affordable and accessible way to add protein and Omega 3 oil to the diet under a brand name that South Africans  trust and love.


The ‘snackification’ trend has boomed since the outbreak of Covid-19. Research indicates that more people are looking for solutions that offer sustenance or energy on-the-go as well as small moments of escape and indulgence that offer comfort.

“South Africans are navigating a tough living environment, making moments to relax and indulge a top priority. Tiger Brands believes its consumers deserve to be spoilt every now and then and have added some innovative treats to satisfy their need to snack.”

Two of South Africa’s favourite flavours have been combined – chocolate and peanut butter – into a new range of indulgent treats from Black Cat.  For home bakers, Golden Cloud’s new Carrot Cake and Muffin Mix will keep the pandemic “carrot cake” trend alive in a more convenient format.  And one of the country’s oldest beverage brands, Rose’s, has introduced innovative flavour variants – blueberry and ginger – to make cocktails and mocktails more flavoursome and allow anyone to mix their drink easily.