Progressive solar innovation powered by Audi Centre Centurion

Audi Centre Centurion and SMA together with ANH Technologies have engaged in a sustainable and innovative partnership to transform power production and usage at the Audi Dealership in Pretoria, Gauteng. The solar panel installation allows the Dealership and their customers to use solar PV power for their electric vehicle charging and on-site power usage to support retail and servicing. Sustainability considerations and an innovative approach have been applied in driving the adoption of both a greener energy footprint and e-mobility solutions in South Africa alike.

The future-focused solar initiative is installed on top of the roof space at Audi Centre Centurion. In total 112 solar power panels have been installed which substantially reduces the Dealership’s reliance on the grid.

Peter Preusse, the Investor at Audi Centre Centurion says, “In addition to providing energy support during peak loads and for consistent e-tron charging, this one-of-a-kind initiative underscores our commitment to driving energy transition and sustainability. It is an intelligent charging solution that uses smart systems and technology to provide the Dealership with reliable and resilient power, reducing operational costs while accelerating the energy transition conversation in a relevant way.”

AHN Technologies implemented an in-depth energy audit at the premises and installed a range of SMA products and solutions to monitor the PV power provision and status. The system offers Load Management functionality to ensure measurable electricity cost savings. It also allows for the charging of four Audi e-tron vehicles, in AC and DC power, at the same time, using solar power.

“Audi Centre Centurion can use up to 53kWp SMA of the solution to generate solar power for increased self-consumption and to store solar power in 67 kWh backup batteries to cater for high demand and peak times,” says Sascha Sauer, Head of Audi South Africa. “It’s an incredibly progressive investment, not only in light of the move towards tan electric future, but in terms of embedding sustainable energy provision and practices into the building setup and Dealership operations.”

The initiative will use a holistic, single-source solution from SMA to ensure easy maintenance, service provision and reliability. In addition to the larger solar platforms installed on-site, Audi Centre Centurion has included a smaller 8kWp SMA Energy System Home that showcases how Audi e-tron customers can conveniently charge their new vehicles at their residence for free, using perfectly matching components from a single-source.

“This unique Audi e-tron solar charging initiative showcases the progressive approach taken by one of our Audi Dealerships and ensures that customers can seamlessly shift towards a more holistic lifestyle and mobility solution. Well done to Audi Centre Centurion on progressing their journey towards sustainability and e-mobility,” concludes Sauer.