Shoprite and Checkers have 45% more toys in stock this festive season

Despite global supply chain constraints, the Shoprite Group and largest supermarket toy retailer in South Africa, has managed to secure 45% more stock than last year, ensuring consumers of a wide range of the most affordable toys this festive season.  

The Group’s supermarkets will be fully stocked as it ordered well in advance, avoiding the current situation where skyrocketing container prices are impacting toy prices and availability.  

Both Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets will also once again beat any toy price by 10% if a competitor store advertises the identical item at a lower price.  

Some of the toys available at Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets this festive season include:   

  • My Garden Baby Giggle & Crawl Baby Butterfly: R699  
  • Rainbocorns 
    • Itzy Glitzy Surprise: R149.99   
    • Puppycorn Surprise: R199.99  
    • Fairycorn Surprise: R399.99 (for Xtra Savings card holders)  
    • Epic Golden Egg: R699.99 (for Xtra Savings card holders)  
  • Baggy Buddies (exclusive to Checkers): from R149.99  
  • Rainbow Kids (exclusive to Checkers): from R99.99  
  • Hot Wheels Energy Track Set (exclusive to Checkers): R199.99 (for Xtra Savings card holders)  
  • Savage T-Rex Storage Case: R199.99  
  • Savage Dinosaurs With Sound (4-pack): R199.99