Skincare professionals say this is what you are missing in your skincare routine

The truth is that when it comes to skincare many only pay attention to the skin on their face. The reality is that skincare involves skin, and that is the skin on your entire body. However, the first signs of premature ageing reveals itself in the skin around our eyes and on our hands. While you can’t necessarily stop premature ageing in its tracks, you can certainly slow down the process if you take the proper anti-ageing skin care precautions.

Kevin Khosa, Customer Service Manager at SKIN functional said many of his customers either ignore the skin on their hands and around their eye area or are not well-informed to know that anti-ageing products are not just for your face. “Collagen starts to deteriorate in our late 20s and becomes more and more noticeable as we age, but then you have to consider the fact that bad habits (such as smoking, unprotected exposure to UV, and environmental factors like pollution) can all accelerate the collagen breakdown. Thankfully, it’s easy to make any body care routine an anti-ageing body care routine. All it takes is using quality ingredients and a few simple tweaks on your part,” explained Khosa.

Along with wearing a sunscreen daily, using the right products for your skin, eating anti-oxidant rich foods, replenishing vitamin A and ceramides in your body all help with slowing down the physical appearance of ageing on the skin, it is also vitally important to not only treat one area of your body when it comes to ageing.

The body functions holistically and therefore should be treated as such. All the elements of health need to be taken into consideration when it comes to ageing. Common issues you may face as your body skin ages are crepey skin on the neck, sun spots on the hands, and general loss of collagen on areas like your chest, arms, and legs.

“At SKIN functional, we not only aim to provide products that are expertly formulated using optimal concentrations™ to restore the skin’s optimal functioning but also create products that form part of your life assisting in overall skin health,” added Khosa.

This Women’s Month, pro-ageing is in and helping women feel comfortable in their skin whether young or old is top of mind. “We align ourselves toward pro-ageing, healthy looking skin and overall wellness. Therefore, our products are made to assist in helping you live healthy and happy. That is why we have launched two brand new products that are potent formulations that offer you everything your skin needs with reproducible results™.

For fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, the Copper Tripeptide Eye Cream works to increase collagen production and reduce dryness in the delicate eye area by replenishing depleted ceramides. For your hands, to avoid dry, cracked and spotted hands, the brand new 1% Ceramide Restorative Hand Cream is perfect for use on the go ensuring you have moisturised hands and cuticles.

“Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Looking after the skin on your body and targeting problematic areas when it comes to premature damage are the first steps to having a well-rounded skincare routine,” concluded Khosa.