31 million smiles in Ghana as Jumia lights up the country

’God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong’’

This anthem is sung with so much pride and love in Ghana and everywhere around the world on special occasions. Every Ghanaian has a dream. A dream that one day, our nation will develop into a great financially dependent one. A country so rich in natural resources has often been set back by a lack of technological know-how among many other limiting factors. However, even amid all the setbacks that Ghana faces, there have been many positives in fields such as entertainment and sports with many of Ghana’s musicians, actors and footballers making us proud on the global scene.

An area that still needs massive improvement is trade. With high taxes leading to high costs of items, rampant spikes in fuel prices leading to the high cost of delivery etc. E-commerce has over the past few years been a saviour to our dear nation. A throwback to thedevastating covid-19 era when everyone was forced to stay home and stay safe proves this. E-commerce or online retail ensured that Ghanaians still got their needs sorted out without having to risk their lives.

African e-commerce giants Jumia have over the past 9 years ensured that Ghanaians enjoy the best deals and discounts on their preferred products and services all year round. This blessing is always climaxed by the Black Friday sale in November every year. Interestingly, each year comes with something better. In 2019, the iPhone XS Max was sold during Black Friday sales for 1Ghs in a treasure hunt. In 2020, many home and office products/equipment were sold for up to 80% off. This year, Jumia has ensured that every Ghanaian is smiling because all their essential items are up for grabs at mind-blowing discounts. The 5kg Royal Aroma rice is being sold at 1Ghs during daily flash sales. Ghana’s leading e-commerce company Jumia, has dubbed this year’s Black Friday campaign #EverydayIsBlackFriday to ensure that Ghanaians enjoy top deals and discounts every day from 5th to 28th November. Let’s look at some highlights from the #JumiaBlackFriday campaign so far.

  • The 5kg bag of rice at 1Ghs – This sounds abstract and unbelievable. Customers were in disbelief when news broke that Jumia was going to have a daily flash sale where they could purchase the 5kg perfumed rice for just Ghs 1. Yes, Ghs1. Rice is a staple in Ghana and nearly 80% of households consume rice every day. Therefore, it was no surprise that many people were on the alert. Within a matter of minutes, the stocks of rice got sold out. After the flash sale, customers still shopped for other rice brands on Jumia. Essential everyday needs are being sorted out day by day. Fortunately, there are more flash sales to come and customers should be on the lookout.

  • iPhone 13 at 35% Off – Just a few months ago, Apple released the latest version of their iPhone series and many Ghanaians have been craving this new tech masterpiece. So many memes have been flying around social media about how costly the phone is and how some people may have to work a lifetime to be able to own one. As usual, Jumia has ensured that customers don’t work all their lives to afford one. At a whopping 35% discounted price, customers on Jumia can purchase a brand new iPhone 13 and enjoy all the amazing features that come with it. There was a treasure hunt as well where one lucky customer was able to buy the iPhone 13 for Ghs 100. Incredible!

    • Food offers – Of course the foodies haven’t been left out in all of this. This year, #JumiaBlackfriday is ensuring that Ghana eats well and saves more. Throughout the campaign, customers can get 50% off all pizzas. In addition, Jumia prime subscribers enjoy free streetwise 2 from KFC every Wednesday. There are also massive deals on burgers, smoothies and other munchies from top restaurants in Ghana. Local food restaurants and vendors are also running huge promos where consumers can get up to 60% off on selected meals.

    • Deliveries – How does free sound? One of the major highlights of this year’s #JumiaBlackFriday has been the affordable and sometimes free deliveries that customers are enjoying. Many customers who purchase items on Jumia have received their packages safely and conveniently from our well-trained delivery agents for free or close to no fees. With pick-up stations actuated in most regional capitals, customers are also picking up their orders from the pick-up stations close to them at relatively cheaper fees. The convenience is welcoming and customers are receiving their items faster than before.


    This is just the beginning. With a few weeks still left on the calendar, Ghanaians are still enjoying the benefits of this amazing campaign. The campaign will draw to its close on 28th November but every Friday from now till then, customers will get bigger deals in what Jumia calls ‘’Explosion Days’’. There is a lot more to look forward to in November because Jumia is giving all Ghanaians and foreign nationals in Ghana the opportunity to shop for essential products across dozens of categories at heavily discounted prices. If you have not smiled yet, then you are missing out. Download the Jumia app today and enjoy the best that e-commerce has to offer. Remember, it’s not just Fridays because with Jumia, #EverydayisBlackFriday