Black creatives come together to create MOED – a marketing group

September is Innovation Month, and four black creatives from different backgrounds have joined forces to establish a digital advertising agency that will serve as a partner for companies in the FMCG, Mining, Funeral Services, and Shopping Centre sectors.

With the vision to ultimately form a marketing group, MOED has a strong digital focus led by two seasoned, well-respected businessmen eager to leave a lasting impression in the industry, Lebogang Mokubela and Edwin Mthimkulu.

MOED co-founder and CEO Lebogang Mokubela said MOED would go to market with the ability to provide a fully integrated and streamlined approach in areas like digital advertising, creative, public relations, and development. “We understand that marketing can no longer be separated from sales  whether e-commerce to the funeral financial services, businesses now require their advertising spend to equate to actual sales. We want to establish ourselves as the agency businesses turn to when they want to drive real sales growth using digital advertising”.

Edwin Mthimkulu, co-founder and CCO said: “Mo’ed is a Greek word, translated to “appointed time”. This talks to our business – as we believe the birth of this business came at its right time – but also speaks to the kind of clients we want to do business with; those are at their growth stage.

MOED is also targeting the UK market to position itself as an ideal partner with UK businesses to expand beyond the African continent. They also want to bring in and empower other black creatives to start their own agencies.

MOED officially launches on Thursday, 01 September 2022.