Saturday 2nd October 2021. Redemption Burgers, Table Mountain Presentation Room, Lenovo Workshop Room, Wesgro B2B Room, The Old Biscuit Mill, Salt River, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. CTIAF DAY 2 AND COMIC-CON 2021! THE CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL DAY 2 WITH COMIC-CON AT THE OLD BISCUIT MILL 2021! Yasaman Ford holds her workshop 'Script-writing and Story Structure' that deals with how to take an idea from ideation to screenplay as attending guests take part in the workshop. Attending guests, dignitaries and delegates enjoy the second day at the official Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) for 2021. The event, held at the vibrant Old Biscuit Mill situated in Salt River near Cape Town, South Africa, saw many visitors attending the various workshops, meetings and social events held at this years CTIAF. Special guests shared their experiences and tips and tricks learnt in the animation industry giving some insight into new developments and celebrating successes in the animation film industry on the second day of the CTIAF 2021. South Africa has also successfully moved to Level 1 during the fight against the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic after going through their Third Wave. These images are from the CTIAF Day 2 and Comic-Con held at The Old Biscuit Mill on Saturday 2nd October 2021. Copyright © Mark Wessels. All Rights Reserved. No Usage Without Permission. PICTURE: MARK WESSELS. 02/10/2021. +27 (0)61 547 2729. For more information please contact: CHRISTINE SKINNER. +27 (0)82 855 7277.

Cape Town International Animation Festival celebrates 10 years in 2022

2022 is a milestone year for Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF), the largest dedicated African animation festival. It is celebrating its 10th year, and will be one of the signature events of FAME Week Africa.

Taking place from 24 – 26 August 2022 in the Host City of Cape Town, FAME Week Africa celebrates African talent, innovation, creativity and inspiration. It does this by bringing together co-related events focusing on the major creative economies, namely film, television and animation as well as music, and entertainment technology, with plans afoot to add more of the creative industries in future editions.


CTIAF is a reflection of the local animation industry and business is booming! With this in mind the organisers have split the festival into two incredible events.

The first will be at FAME Week Africa and forms part of it signature events, which includes: MIP Africa, Muziki Africa and Media Entertainment Solutions Africa. This edition of CTIAF is the business cornerstone for African animation. The second, will be our creative focused event which will be hosted with Comic Con in April 2023. This edition will cater to artists and will feature talks and workshops, networking and skill sharing.


CTIAF is renowned for presenting world-class content as well as an opportunity to engage with global industry leaders. And, the August edition of CTIAF will have a strong business-to-business focus to assist creatives, producers and storytellers to connect with agents, distributors, and producers who are interested in co-productions, investments and other creative partnerships. The emphasis will be the creation and exchange of ideas, concepts and trends and the important and strategic issues of transformation for the industry will also be a top priority.

CTIAF Festival Director Dianne Makings says, “CTIAF’s success is a reflection of the industry which it serves.  In 2022 we’ve seen an explosion of productions in South Africa and studios are growing rapidly. Being included as a signature event at FAME Week Africa is a natural extension of this growth. We’re thrilled to be a partner with FAME Week Africa. This is a great platform to be part of to help African Creatives connect with the world.”


The Host City of Cape Town is the perfect backdrop for these connections to take place. It also was the inspiration for CTIAF’s 2022 theme. “A very distinct memory from my previous visit to Cape Town for CTIAF in 2021 served as inspiration for this year’s theme,” says Jeani Varty, Supervisor: Theme Art CTIAF 2022. She adds, “On a balcony admiring Table Mountain a very forceful gust of wind almost blew me off. The next day, I planned to go on a hike and we were informed by locals that if you want to hike wind free, go early in the morning, and to my surprise there was no wind. It got me thinking about how the weather travels through Cape Town”.

And, just like that, a star is born. Gale of the Cape is about a vivacious cumulus cloud as she journeys through the scenic Cape to Table Mountain on her morning skate – kicking up a hell of a breeze on the way.  The theme follows Gale from the Cape of Good Hope to the serene Cape Point Nature Reserve, around the spectacular Slangkop lighthouse, through bustling Hout Bay to the iconic Table Mountain.

“I really wanted to do something quirky with a very natural and pastel look. I especially want to showcase the stunning landscapes. My main inspirations are a mixture of Cecile Carre, Steven Universe and Charlie Herves landscapes. One of my main obsessions are plants so that will become a feature of the trailer, which will be released soon,” says Jeani.


“Empowering and inspiring women in the creative industries is an important objective of FAME Week Africa and its signature events. We will be hosting a morning of Reel Talks with the movers and shakers for women in the film and television industry who will share the lessons learnt during their careers and inspire the next generation of trailblazers. Never underestimate the power of a conversation. It may be the spark that ignites a creative revolution,” says Martin Hiller, Marketing, Content + Creative Director of FAME Week Africa.

The official CTIAF 2022 trailer is one such spark. “I am so proud to announce that this year’s trailer was created by a kick-ass  all-female crew of animators,” says Jeani.

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Africa is brimming with talent. With the influence and reach of African artists and creatives gone global due to social media and digital streaming services, the continent’s creative and cultural sector is gaining momentum and interest. FAME Week Africa is the platform to tap into the continent and CTIAF is shining the spotlight on African animation.

The content marketplace is changing. Be part of that change. Be part of FAME Week Africa from the 24 to 26 August at the CTICC in the Host City of Cape Town.

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