Communicators gather in Rwanda to establish roadmap

The flagship event of Africa Communications Week 2022 hosted by KGL FWD with support from Africa No Filter and RwandAir will take place on 23 and 24 May 2022. The event brings together Africa focused communications professionals across Rwanda and other parts of the continent to discuss how communication can strategically position African nations on the global stage, thereby strengthening their transformation agenda.
Recent global governance issues such as climate, public health, trade, and security, have demonstrated that African actors are not passive agents in international relations. Strategic communication plays a fundamental role in improving their capabilities to exert various levels of agency and, increasingly, set the terms of engagement.
“Far too often, Africa has been framed as a place acted upon, not as a diverse continent with an evolving agenda of its own, however the increasing visibility of African leaders and experts in international organizations is bringing African narratives and interests into the mainstream” says Africa Communications Week co-founder Annie Mutamba.
Communicators from across the continent will gather in Kigali to identify concrete priority areas to promote African agency on the global stage. Working groups will be tasked to come up with clear, actionable recommendations for Africa-focused communicators to adopt.
“African agency should not be viewed as solely emanating from state actors. Africans from across public and private sector and civil society need to keep pushing for a seat at the table and this is where strategic communication can amplify their voice in shaping the global agenda.” Africa Communications Week co-founder Eniola Harrison explains
International speakers and facilitators at this year’s flagship event include Yolande Makolo (Rwanda Government Spokesperson), Mimi Kalinda (Africa Communications Media Group), Diana Mpyisi (Blue Oceans Rwanda), Nkiru Balonwu (Africa Soft Power Project), Uzo Madu (What’s in It for Africa), Joan Mazimhaka (Illume Creative Studio), Ndeye Diarra Diobaye (Euros Agency) and Fiona Kamikazi (PR Professional).
“With today’s technology and digital communication tools Africa is able to talk to the world and we have more agency over what is said about us than ever before. Being able to come together and explore this as communications professionals from across the continent is a powerful and exciting opportunity. As KGL FWD, we are honored to be hosting this year’s Africa Communications Week flagship event and look forward to celebrating the evolution of our communications industry with the Rwanda Communications Network .” says Autumn Marie, managing director KGL FWD.
Communication experts have a voice, they have resources and they have networks. They also need to be strategic and intentional about how they are deliberately shaping a narrative that is so vital to the transformation of the continent. As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, now more than ever, communicators should proactively support the economic recovery of the continent.